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5 Reasons CBD Might Not Be Working for You

Your friends may be experiencing the health benefits of CBD except you. But why doesn’t CBD work for me? While CBD tinctures have high medicinal value, they are far from perfect for everyone. This means each person is different from another. In this article, we explain five reasons CBD might not be working for you.

You Have High CBD Oil Tolerance

It’s common to become tolerant to certain medications but can you build a tolerance to CBD? Yes, frequent use of CBD will result in having to consume more CBD to attain similar effects. Over time, CB1 receptors become less sensitive to CBD, which means that when consuming CBD, only a portion of it triggers these receptors. This happens due to CB1 receptors adapting to the CBD in your system. The key to reducing CBD oil tolerance is to abstain from CBD for a few days and start again later with a low dose.

  • You might be using a wrong delivery method.

Depending on how you take CBD, you might not be getting the necessary results. The method of delivery influences the effectiveness of CBD. For instance, topical CBD creams by cbdMD work well for muscle relief for post-workout sessions but not for relieving anxiety. Bioavailability also influences how much effect you get from CBD use. CBD tinctures have greater bioavailability than gummies since a larger proportion directly makes it to your bloodstream.

  • You are not dosing accurately.

CBD dosing varies between individuals, which means one dose can’t work for everyone. The general rule is to start with a low dose and slowly increase your dosage over time until you find the accurate dose. You can also decide to use micro dosing to find the optimal dosage and adjust it as needed over time.

  • You’re using low-grade CBD Oil that lacks medicinal value 

The quality of CBD varies considerably depending on who is producing it. CBD oils made with solvents like butane and hexane usually generate potentially harmful metals that reduce their effectiveness. Even though CBD is not guaranteed to work for everyone– preliminary research suggests switching to a higher quality or more potent product can change its effects.

  • You didn’t allow CBD to build up in your system

You may just put a few drops of CBD tincture under your tongue, expecting near-instant relief, but nothing happens. However, this does not mean that CBD will not work for you. While some CBD effects are noticeable right away, CBD takes time to build up in your system. In fact, some people may have to take CBD for several weeks to see a difference. Patience is very important in getting CBD working for you. While it can be annoying to maintain consistency with no results, you will eventually be happy that you did not stop.

Does CBD Work For Everyone?

Various studies suggest that when it comes to CBD, there is no one-dose-fits-all solution. Buying from reputable brands like CBDistillery, which prioritizes high-quality CBD, can lead to a more incredible experience.

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