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Debunking the Most Common and Best Nail Polish Myths That Exist Today

Nail polish is a confidence booster for many females. It accentuates their beauty and makes them feel attractive. Did you know that nail polish has health benefits too?

Some of the ingredients found in nail polish stifle the growth of bacteria and fungus in the nail. Other brands of nail polish also assist in softening and conditioning the skin around your nails. Despite the immense benefits, myths about the best nail polish are still prevalent.

Don’t accept what people say about nail polish at face value. You’ll make it harder to enjoy the benefits if you do that. This article will debunk the common myths that exist about nail polish.

1. The Best Nail Polish Is Bad for Your Health

This myth arises out of the fact that companies make nail polish from chemicals. So, some people make an erroneous assumption that using the product for a long time has adverse health effects. This is just a façade to dissuade you from the next manicure set.

Nails are made up of dead cells. The non-living nature shields them from further destruction by chemicals.

2. Cold Water Hastens the Drying of Nail Polish

It’s normal to want to speed up the drying process of the nail polish during a pedicure set. Perhaps you have something pressing to attend to urgently. A person might suggest that you dip your nails in cold water for the polish to dry faster.

Don’t follow that advice. Nail polish dries by allowing the solvents in it to evaporate. Submerging the polish in water hinders the evaporation process.

Instead, the cold water will harden the top layers of the polish. The lower wet layers will make your pedicure prone to dents. You’ll be forced to look for a nail polish remover substitute to get rid of the uneven finish.

3. Refrigeration Prolongs the Life of a Nail Polish

Nail polish has an expiry date, just as other synthetic products. Some people falsely believe that nail polish works like food; you can refrigerate it to extend its life when the expiration date is approaching.

Refrigerating a nail polish ruins its formulation. Further, it’s difficult to apply polish in a smooth layer if it’s cold. Store your nail polish as per the recommendations of the manufacturer.

4. You Should Cut Your Cuticles

Many people presume that pushing back the cuticles will give them extra space to apply the nail polish. Yes, it’s necessary to prevent the nail polish from getting on your cuticle, as this will cause the manicure to start lifting. But you can prevent such an occurrence simply by being cautious.

Trimming your cuticles is bad for your nail health. It exposes you to bacterial infection.

The Most Common and Best Nail Polish Myths

You can’t understate the necessity of nail polish in society. The best nail polish will have you looking glamorous in addition to giving you superior health benefits. However, the myths regarding these products have the power to make you shun them completely.

Don’t believe everything people say. Consult experts or do your research to find out the truth about nail polish. This will help you use the product most effectively.

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