H2o Seaweed Mud Treatment

Spa H2O Seaweed Mud Treatment – Facial Mud Mask (Review)

For $12, you can get 6 fl. oz of H2O brand facial mud mask. The formal name is Spa H2O Seaweed Mud Treatment. Ingredients include Kaolin clay, water silt, sea botanicals, and marine extracts.

H2O isn’t necessarily a cheap makeup or skincare brand, but $12 is quite a nice price. Mine actually came from TJ Maxx. It cost $5.99.

This facial mud mask is supposed to tone, improve and purify the skin. It can be used for face or body.

I love a good facial and was excited to try it.

facial mud mask H2O review 2
facial mud mask H2O review 2

Facial Mud Mask Spa H2o Seaweed Mud Treatment Review

 (Price: $12)

Quality and Performance (4 points total. 40% weight.)

  • The formula is watery and thin — at least thinner than I expected.
  • I was surprised that the formula is so thin. Most mud masks are thick and creamy.
  • The formula did not lather on as smoothly as most mud masks do. I didn’t like that.
  • However, the formula felt cool and comfortable on the skin.
  • It took little time to dry.
  • Once dry, it didn’t “clay” like other mud masks. Really, the dried version felt comfortable too.
  • The formula took a while to wash off. But skin felt soft and smooth afterwards.
  • Skin definitely felt replenished after use.

-1 point
+3 points   

facial mud mask H2O review 3
facial mud mask H2O review

Feel (2 points total. 20% total.)

  • The wet formula was runny but felt nice on the skin.
  • The dry formula didn’t feel too heavy or stiff.
  • Skin didn’t feel harsh tingle after application. (Another facial mud mask did that, and it was unpleasant.)
  • After formula washed off, skin felt smooth and refreshing.
  • The overall feel was great.

+2 points    

Irritations (3 points total. 30% weight.)

  • No irritations.

+3 points

Packaging (1 point total. 10% weight.)

  • Like the packaging.
  • It’s simple, easy-to-use, and 6 fl. oz is a lot of solution.
  • However, flip-top looks flimsy and may break after multiple uses.

-0.5 point
+0.5 point  

facial mud mask H2O review
facial mud mask H2O review

Overall Likes

  • Replenishing face mask.
  • Felt great on the skin — wet or dry.
  • Left skin soft and smooth.
  • Short drying time.
  • No irritations.
  • After a few weeks’ use, the skin does look tighter and brighter.

Overall Dislikes

  • Runny formula.
  • Hard to apply.
  • Harder to wash off.
  • Contains a strong fragrance.

Overall Rating




Overall, the mask is lovely. Also, I see improvement in the skin’s quality. I do believe this facial mud mask by H2O is worth the investment.

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Don’t you love home facial mud masks? What other mud masks do you suggest?   

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