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IPL Hair Removal Treatment – Ladies, You Should be Loving This!

IPL Hair Removal Treatment: Since the earliest times, women have been under the radar of judgement for several reasons – from her actions to decisions, the feminine gender has been in the limelight for both reasons, good and bad. And let’s face it, beauty is one such aspect for which women have been categorized time and again.

‘Taking joy in living is a woman’s best cosmetic” – Rosalind Russell

When it comes to the beauty of a woman, having body hair, especially on the hands and legs, is anything but appalling. In fact, body hair is a serious problem for many women. Think about those days when you wanted to wear your best LBD(Little Black Dress) but couldn’t because of your hairy legs! A lot of times, switching to alternative clothing options was the only way out since we hadn’t cared enough to remove unwanted body hair at the right time. But what if you could be permanently freed from the body hair worries? That’s right! With IPL hair removal technique, you can make the impossible happen.

Unlike shaving and waxing, IPL hair removal treatment in Croydon or elsewhere is the most sought after method not only because it removes body hair permanently but for a whole lot of good reasons.

Curious? Great! Without much ado, let’s dive in!

What Makes IPL Hair Removal Treatment Popular?

It Doesn’t Take Long

IPL hair removal is a treatment quicker than you can imagine. Just spare an hour from your busy schedule and come back with hair-free skin that lasts permanently! The best part of this method is that it can remove a lot of hair from a larger surface area. Using intense pulsed light, hair gets removed at the speed of light, literally.

No Pain, All Gain

 Remember the first time you waxed your arms and legs? Perhaps, you will never forget that painful experience! But IPL hair removal is a treatment that speaks a different story. The main reason why this treatment is most sought after is that it is painless yet highly effective. However, not everyone is equally tolerant, right? For some it is completely painless while others feel a gentle pinch or the snap of a rubber band, that’s all. But one thing is clear – waxing is far more painful compared to IPL hair removal treatment.

It is Precise

Use of intense pulsed light denotes the removal of hair with complete precision. The laser directly targets the hair follicle and burns it without damaging the skin surrounding the area. The reason that makes IPL treatment precise is the technique itself. The light targets the hair follicle and before destroying it, the laser converts into heat and finally damages the follicle. As a consequence, no hair can grow again from there. On the contrary, shaving just removes the hair from the visible part of the surface while waxing removes hair from the roots but doesn’t destroy the follicles. Thus, hair grows back again in due course if you have waxed or shaved but not in the case of IPL treatment.

Reduces Ingrown Hair

It is already known that after a few days of waxing or shaving, fresh hair growth is visible again and it is much a reason to get annoyed. You have to run to the salon again for waxing or waste 30 minutes in the shower running a razor across your arms and legs. This usually happens since the hair is cut off abruptly with a sharp tool. However, clients who have undergone IPL hair removal sessions claim that although hair does grow again, it is extremely sparse and gradually, the hair growth stops. The hair texture also changes and over time, you will have no ingrown hair. This is how you are liberated from the vicious cycle of hair growth!

A Cost-Effective Solution

Many of you may be thinking that removing body hair permanently is a pricey affair. In reality, this is just a one-time price that you pay and get rid of body hair problems permanently. Think about how much you spend every month behind waxing treatments, travelling costs (if your salon is located far away) or shaving razors, creams and so on. In addition, the days when you have to visit a salon for waxing, think about all the adjustments that you have to make before leaving home. Difficult, isn’t it? But IPL hair removal treatment comes as a breath of fresh hair! Just attend a few sessions and forget about buying expensive shaving creams, razors, soothing lotions or wasting your precious time for a waxing appointment.

Saves Your Time

 And last but not the least, let’s count those precious hours that you have wasted in salons and bathroom, shaving off your body hair. You’ve had to readjust your daily schedule just for the sake of a waxing appointment. Whereas, you could have completed so many important tasks at that same time! No, don’t feel bad when you know the alternative option – IPL hair removal treatment. As it uses intense pulsed light and precision, you can stay assured of completing the entire process as fast as a flash!

Conclusion: Body hair has stolen the beauty of many women in the past but not anymore. Thanks to IPL hair removal treatment, women can now say ‘a thing of beauty is a joy forever’ more confidently. If body hair has been curbing your desire to don those short skirts and sleeveless dresses, you know what you have to do to part ways with hair growth once and forever.

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