Kronokare Moist-Urge Moisturising Face Cream Review

Kronokare Moist-Urge Moisturising Face Cream is a rich and nourishing blend that keeps dry skin moisturised and soft. Formulated with blend of precious oils and a multi vitamin complex Moist urge brings instant skin hydration and leaves it soft and hydrated. Dry to very dry skin. This is a face cream with an unforgettable formula that will instantly lift your spirits and make your skin look younger with every touch. It’s the perfect addition to any skincare routine whether it’s for daily use or for removing acne from the face or any other region.

Review of Kronokare Moist-Urge Moisturising Face Cream

We have been using this cream for about a week now and I have to say, it has made my skin extremely soft! I have combination skin so my face gets oily throughout the day and this cream keeps it from getting too oily. I was also having some dryness around my forehead and cheeks, but after applying this, that problem is gone! – Danielle Riley

I ordered this face cream because my skin has been feeling very dry, especially on my cheeks and I have tried many products that claimed hydration without any results. I was so happy with the results I received from the Kronokare face cream, it made my skin feel soft and smooth after only a few uses. It did not leave my skin feeling greasy or oily like some other products do. – Zoe Hyde

I love the feel of the cream. It’s very light but gets absorbed easily. I have a combination skin and it’s very moisturizing without making my skin oily. I am using this cream since last 2 months and haven’t faced any dryness in winter and no breakouts as well. Overall I am really happy with this product and definitely recommend this face cream to all! – Chelsea O’Sullivan

Product Descriptions

Kronokare Moist-Urge Moisturising Face Cream is a rich and nourishing blend that keeps dry skin moisturised and soft. It is formulated with a blend of precious oils like Soya Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Avocad oil, Sunflower Oil & Wheatgerm Oil and a multi vitamin complex to bring instant skin hydration. It also reduces signs of ageing with regular use. It gives 24 hour soft & hydrated skin. This cream moisturises dry to very dry skin and helps it retain its moisture throughout the day. This amazing hydrating cream increases your skin’s elasticity and smoothness, providing instant relief to dry skin. This non-greasy cream spreads easily, leaving skin feeling soft and supple.


Restores skin to an optimum moisture level
Nourishes and moisturizes dry skin
Helps prevent moisture loss
Improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

How to use

1. Use as and when required
2. Massage into moist skin
3. Apply a small amount on the face
4. Use in the morning and evening

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