Rimmel London Velvet Matte Nail Polish Review

Rimmel London Velvet Matte Nail Polish is a lightweight, fast-drying permanent nail polish that gives your nails a unique, smooth sheen.  The formula is highly pigmented, so you can create a variety of glitter effects in seconds without having to work hard. The formula contains glycerin and is divided into two parts – one for applying and another for sanding. With its special formula, this nail polish sets in minutes, helping to prevent cracks and imperfections while also leaving your nails feeling smooth and nourished for longer. The smooth, lustrous formula dries quickly to a satin-like finish that is ideal for adding subtle color to a multitude of nail colors and styles. Add one to your collection today!

Review of Rimmel London Velvet Matte Nail Polish

I absolutely love this nail polish! I usually have trouble finding a good quality dark color that is cheap. This one is perfect. I can put it on in the morning and it will still be on by the evening. It dries instantly, which is nice because sometimes you can’t wait for your nails to dry, but you don’t want to ruin them either. The color doesn’t streak or get messy, which is also nice! – Molly Sinclair

This nail polish is really great! I have been using it for a few days now and have had no issues. The polish goes on very smooth and dries very quickly. It also lasts a long time without chipping! I am honestly surprised that I’ve only tried this brand now. I will definitely be buying more colors! – Melissa Burns

The formula is really creamy. It glides on the nails and doesn’t leave them feeling all dried out. The application and coverage is amazing because it dries super fast. The color is a deep berry red that’s perfect for the winter season. I would definitely recommend this color to anyone who loves to wear dark colors on their nails! I’ve been wearing this polish for a few days, and it still looks as beautiful as the first day I wore it.” – Megan Coles

Product Descriptions

Rimmel London’s new and innovative Velvet Matte Collection has a matte finish that retains its luster up to 2 times longer than a regular lasting finish. These gorgeous, highly pigmented nail polishes provide a velvet-smooth matte finish, and contain a mix of an organic polymer and several other ingredients. Their got really smooth and creamy formulas, are pigmented and cover really well and they’re not streaky! The long-lasting formula dries instantly, and enhances its decorative effects, by suppressing cracking or flaking. For best results, wait until the polish is dry before applying top coat, creating beautiful long lasting nails.


1. Long lasting and Easy to apply
2. Remains creamy and glossy
3. Dries quickly and has a long-lasting effect

How to Use

1. Apply the base coat
2. Apply 2 coats of beautiful colour
4. Apply 1 coat of the matte topcoat to create a high shine look

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