What To Look for In a Cannabis Strain When Growing Indoors?

Growing cannabis may not seem like a huge task, but finding the right strain from the top California seed companies is definitely is.

With so many options easily available, it can become overwhelming to make the right decision. But again, the entire idea of growing cannabis indoors is being able to produce good quality and delicious buds in the desired time frame.

If you are finding it difficult to choose the right cannabis strain for your indoor setup, then this blog can prove helpful.

Here, we will discuss a few tricks and tips for choosing the right cannabis strain to grow indoors.

1- Height and space

The biggest problem indoor cannabis growers face is space restriction. Quite often, the grow tent is installed in the far corner of the room. Only a few lucky ones have an entire room to carry out the operation. Irrespective of your available option, you must know that the indoor space isn’t something genetic giants are made for.

You must be aware of the two major subspecies of cannabis – sativa, and indica. Sativas are known for their lanky frame, slender-fingered leaves, and, of course, massive heights. In fact, some sativa varieties can easily exceed 3m. The Indica, on the other hand, have a bushy appearance due to their broad leaves and lateral growth pattern.

The point is, if you are facing space restrictions, it is best to stick with indica. However, it is important to note that it is certainly not easy to find pure indica or sativa strains across top California seed companies. Most sellers deal with hybrid strains with varying ratios of sativa and indica in them.

To ensure you end up with a tameable strain, opt for one with an indica-dominant ratio. This is because the extra indica genes in the strain will keep the plant from growing out of control.

But that doesn’t mean you should only purchase indica-dominant strains all the time. You can enjoy sativa-dominant autoflowers to obtain a good harvest. This is because, when it comes to height, autoflowers inherit the short stature from their ruderalis parent.

2- Aroma and taste of the buds

It doesn’t take a professional to recognize weed smell. Terpenes – the molecules responsible for aroma in cannabis and other plants – tend to give away a hint. But, you must know that different strains feature different levels of terpenes in them. This is one of the reasons why some cannabis ends up smelling straight like fruits and flowers while others have a fuel-like or earthy tone.

Therefore, it is important to determine how the strain you wish to grow will smell and taste. Avoid growing anything that doesn’t suit your taste buds at all.

So, the best way to determine what type of cannabis you might want to grow depends on you trying it out first. However, if that isn’t the case, then you might want to depend on the information offered by the sellers.

For instance, many online seed banks tend to provide detailed information on the scent and flavor profiles of their strains. Some may even offer detail of specific terpene levels. You can conduct a complete terpene profile research from your end to determine whether or not the one you wish to purchase matches your preferences.

3- Yielding time

Both speed and yield are inversely correlated when it comes to growing cannabis. In simple terms, the faster a strain flowers, the fewer flowers it will produce.

For instance, Indica-dominant strains take up to 7 to 12 weeks to flower and end up producing around 600 to 1000 g/m2. At the same time, the Sativa-dominant strain ends up producing 1 kg of flowers per plant in their 11 to 6 weeks of the flowering stage.

But, when it comes to autoflowers, the concept can prove invalid, given autoflowers ability to provide a maximum of 500g/m2 in just a span of 8 weeks and, of course, under ideal conditions.

Although most people abide by the speed and yield concept, it isn’t always a practical way. For instance, a person growing cannabis in a legal state may have all the time to raise their cannabis, while the one growing in a cannabis-prohibited state may not have such convenience.

If your notion is to simply harvest faster, consider growing more cannabis plants in close proximity. This way, even though your autoflowers result in smaller returns, multiple plants can multiply the final outcome.

Can I plant multiple seeds in the same grow?

This is one of the biggest concerns many newcomers have when growing cannabis. We understand you may want to experience multiple sets of effects and flavors in one go.

Well, to your surprise, the answer is an absolute yes. You can grow multiple strains in the same grow. But wait, there is a catch – there are various pros and cons, too.

The pros include:

Get a chance to expand the palette of flavors while enjoying the diversity in effects when the harvest time arrives.

Plus, mixing different buds with varying terpene levels in a grow gives you an opportunity to obtain something for the different times of the day!

The cons include:

Mixing different strains can quickly become a hassle, especially as a newcomer in the cannabis growing industry.

You may become confused with the light period, growing and flowering stage.

Due to varying genetics, every strain in your grow may have different requirements. Some may grow taller than others, resulting in an improper light schedule. Some strains may have unique watering needs, while others won’t. Some may flourish when treated with certain nutrients, while others won’t.

It is best to opt for cannabis strains that tend to reach a similar height and even have the most similar growing and flowering cycles. This way, you can avoid plants that overshadow the others by growing too tall. You may not have to wait longer after harvesting one strain to receive the yield from another one.

Such a process can keep you away from performing the juggling act.

And once you master your skills, no one can ever stop you from experimenting. In fact, by then, you may become comfortable enough to mix significantly different strains within the same growing space without having to worry about the juggling act.

Final thoughts

Now that you know the important tips and tricks of choosing the right cannabis strains, it is time to put this gained knowledge into action.

Connect with i49 to scan through their never-ending cannabis inventory. We are sure you will come across at least a bunch of quality strains that make a perfect addition to an indoor cannabis growth setup.

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