New Year, New You – The Top 10 Must-Have Accessories in 2023

As the new year has begun and Vogue has already issued its trend forecast, we’re excited to present you some of the accessories that will be the fundamental pieces of your outfits this year. These elements will bring the most out of your clothing and highlight your beauty. Let’s get into it!

Waist belts 

Waist belts are the best accessory to accentuate your waist and outfit. If you want to wear more of these, start with the basics: a black or tan belt with a gold buckle is a statement piece. Specifically, stretch belts are essential for your favorite pair of jeans as they provide a comfortable and flexible fit. These versatile belts are designed to stretch and conform to your body shape, ensuring a snug yet comfortable hold.

Statement necklaces 

Statement necklaces are one of last year’s trends, and they’re going strong in 2023 too. The chunky and gold ones are the most preferred, and they can be the pièce de resistance of any basic outfit. And you don’t need any other accessories to complete your attire!

Charm bracelets 

Charm bracelets are back in trend, reminding us of the good old years when they were everyone’s favourites. Nowadays, charms can be added to your bracelet for more individuality and personalised as you like. 

Watch straps 

If you love to wear watches but are tired of simple black or brown straps, you can now change them with trendy and colourful watch straps. Luckily, there are quick-release watch straps on the market that you can change in only a few seconds. 


In 2022, cat’s eye frames and statement ones boosted sunglasses sales. In 2023, Ray Bans and other classic models are taking the world by storm. You’ll look fabulous with a basic outfit of a white shirt, washed jeans and statement necklaces!  


Forget about the old black or nude pair of stockings. Now, you can find many colourful and funky-designed stockings that will be the first to notice in your outfit. Some underwear companies are known to make qualitative and stunning stocking pairs.


Sandals are both comfortable to wear and fancy at the same time. This year, women can wear more slides that give off bohemian vibes. These can be introduced in simple outfits but look absolutely gorgeous in colour-rich ones. Look for the latest collections online and buy sandals that compliment your style.


For at least two years, handmade rings from small businesses have already been people’s choice. Now, the trend comes back with gold midi rings and statement cocktail ones. And there’s no rule regarding how much is too much so that you can wear one on every finger. 


Scarves have been trending back and forth for the past years, but they’re here in 2023 to make your outfit trendier. As many types of scarves are more or less thick, you can wear them every season and choose the most impressive designs. 

Large bags 

Finally, 2023 is the year when we carry all out emotional and physical baggage in large purses that we can barely hold. They’re perfect for going to the gym, work, school or anywhere else, and you can choose from various models. 

Bottom line 

What’s your opinion on this year’s accessories? Although it’s best to have your own style, it’s always good to try something new and discover an accessory that upgrades your outfit. 

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