4 Laid-Back Home Aesthetics for Summer 2023

With the summer heat just around the corner, it is time to embrace the spirit of the summer within the home. This warm season is all about a fun, relaxed atmosphere and effortless style that resonates with the buzz of summer. Here are four laid-back home aesthetics to help you capture the essence of summer and elevate your home this season.

Rustic Farmhouse

Many people spend part of the summer season in rustic farmhouses in the countryside. This aesthetic is ideal for those who are looking to introduce a sense of cosiness and nostalgia into their homes. When decorating the home, focus on weathered wood, vintage pieces, and distressed finishes. Choose earthy tones over vibrant hues. Think soft greens, deep reds, and warm browns. When it comes to picking fabrics, opt for natural materials for upholstery and curtains, such as linen. The rustic farmhouse look doesn’t have to be kept indoors. Incorporate the rustic vibe in your outdoor space with wooden rocking chairs or a quaint porch swing. Not only will these pieces of furniture add a touch of whimsy to your home aesthetic, but they will also help you enjoy the summer breeze in the evenings.

Coastal Retreat

A coastal seaside holiday is the epitome of summer for many Brits. If you love to be beside the seaside, why not transport yourself to a blissful coastal retreat right in the comfort of your own home? Bring the serene atmosphere of the seaside into your home by decorating with coastal colours, such as sandy beige, seashell white, and soft ocean blues. Sheer, light curtains will help create an airy, breezy feel that will make you feel like you’re beside the sea. As with the rustic farmhouse look, natural materials, such as jute and rattan, can help pull together your aesthetic. Salty Casa has a large range of furniture with a rustic coastal and farmhouse feel, including laid-back hanging chairs and cane-line outdoor furniture. You can view their collections on their website, Make sure you set off the coastal retreat aesthetic with coral accents, driftwood, and charming seashell décor.

Lush Tropics

When it comes to summer holidays, many people dream about soaking in the sun in exotic destinations abroad. Whether you have plans to jet off or not, you can still invite the lush tropics into your home with a few vibrant touches. A tropical paradise is all about vivid colours, leafy accents, and exotic flora and fauna prints. Introduce lush greenery into your home with unusual, leafy house plants, such as an Amazonian elephant’s ear or a bird of paradise. The addition of indoor swing chairs and lazy hammocks can help make you feel as though you are in the tropics.

Bohemian Oasis

Get in touch with your creative side and introduce a bohemian oasis into your living space this summer. The bohemian spirit revolves around the feeling of being free and celebrates the eclectic side of life. Introduce rich colours into your home, such as warm ochre hues and rich jewel tones. Layer your textures and patterns to create a relaxed and lived-in feel. Add patterned rugs, floor cushions, and macrame décor to create a welcoming vibe.

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