Choosing The Perfect Wedding Ring for Your Partner

Finding the perfect wedding ring for your partner is a serious task, which can be quite difficult if you’re not sure what style they have in mind. As they’ll be wearing the ring each day, it’s important to choose one that they genuinely love.

Not only that, but since the ring is a demonstration of your relationship, you’ll want to go for something that has meaning and resonates with you both. To help you out, we’ve come up with a guide for choosing the perfect wedding ring for your significant other.

Buying the ring

Traditionally, the groom buys both the engagement and wedding ring for the bride-to-be and the bride will purchase the groom’s ring. However, a large number of couples prefer to look at wedding rings together, deciding what styles will work together best.

This is probably the most efficient way of finding the perfect ring, given your partner’s input, and it’ll allow you to try rings on in person to see if the style and size are both true. Dedicate a day or weekend and visit several jewellers before making your decision.

Alternatively, you can buy the ring from the comfort of your home own. You and your partner can choose a particular date and time that suits your schedules and look at the variety of wedding rings online. Many prefer this option due to its convenience and lack of interruption.

Choice of metal

If your other half is going to be wearing their wedding ring alongside their engagement ring, it’s good practice to go for the same metal. This isn’t just useful for aesthetic purposes but practical ones too. For example, if one ring is softer, it will likely be worn down by the harder one over time. Therefore, it’s recommended to match platinum with platinum, gold with gold, etc.

When deciding on a metal for the ring, there are a variety of different options you can go for. Platinum is a great choice, given it is the most pure and rare precious metal. With a natural and bright white appearance, it never tarnishes and requires little maintenance.

Yellow gold is another popular traditional wedding ring choice, as the warm tone of yellow gold complements the majority of skin tones. It also looks at home alongside diamonds and other precious gemstones. Additionally, you can mix metals if you don’t want the choice to restrict your partner’s future jewellery choices. Mixed metal bands look good with both yellow and white gold.

Personalise the ring

Choosing or modifying the ring so that it makes them unique and meaningful for your partner is always a great touch. This could be something as simple as an engraved message on the inside or your initials. You could even add gemstones to the ring that symbolises your partner’s or your children’s birthstones.

Stay within your budget

A wedding ring will be a large investment, maybe even your largest one yet, but it’s important to assess your budget before splurging on one for your partner. There are lots of myths about how much you should typically spend, such as three months’ wages.

The theory behind this is that the higher the investment, the more you care. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. There isn’t a particular answer for how much you are expected to spend, this ultimately comes down to personal preference and how much you can spend without putting yourself in a financially difficult position.

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