Different Ways to Create Effortless Waves and Curls Using a Flat Iron

Curls add volume to your hair. If you were born with naturally curly hair and want to change it for straight flowing hair, then the flat irons of ceramic, gold and tourmaline coating will be perfect. The same will help you regain your curls, that too in the desired size and lengths. Read more on how to treat your hair with the flat irons for flawless and bouncy curls. But before you take out your heating devices, look for the heat protectants and shower well with a cleansing shampoo formula and a nourishing conditioner.

The thin hair types must rely on the lower temperature settings for damage-free styling. For smooth and perfectly round curls, select a flatiron that has a round barrel to twine the hair around and slide for releasing the ready to go curls. Thus to have straight and curled hair you need to first invest in ergonomic efficiency of the best flat irons in India. For bangs and curling short hair the heating plate length is shorter, this mini sized gadget works well on short hair than the longer versions of plates for the ones with long hair. Basically you can have the following curl types with flat irons:

  • Waves at the ending portions of your hair length
  • Smooth curls from the roots
  • Bouncy larger curls

For all these styles, the common steps involve: cleansing and conditioning your hair, pat it dry, rough dry until completely dry, spraying the heat protectant. Then comes the turn of brushes to detangle the hair strands and section them with clips to hold each section together for flat iron to press and curl them.

  • For waves at the end of your hair, straighten your hair by pulling them straight, away from your face, through the plates and when reaching the ends, coil them around the barrel, hold and release. Repeat this with the next section of hair until all are done. Then use a brush to break the curls to fall in continuous waves. Spray the hair setting spray to enjoy your hair while it’s all groovy.
  • For smooth curls from the roots, begin with close to the scalp portion of hair first going through the plates and wrapped around the barrel of the flat iron. Let it pass gently and do not use a brush like the previous step to attain the curls, beginning from close to your scalp to the ends, like ringlets. Set this style with a hair setting spray.
  • For bouncy, larger curls choose a flat iron that has a larger round barrel with clamp to hold the hair passing to attain the heat for serpentine curls. For extra bounce and retention of curls, release the clips holding each section and cup the curls in your palm. Then straight away spray in the hair setting spray. All set and done, the bigger curls will sway and bounce without losing their shape, irrespective of your original hair nature.

The curls made by the flat irons shimmer with the heat induced styles in different grades of waves.

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