Etude House CC Cream – Silky Review

The Etude House CC Cream is the new generation of multifunctional product. Its multi-functional properties include: primer, moisturizer, anti-aging, dewy complexion, special treatment for fine lines and wrinkles, lightening, stabilizing, fighting free radicals and more. By combining these functions into one cream, the product becomes an all-in-one treatment that provides moisture while protecting skin from free radical damage and deterioration caused by free radicals.

Review of Etude House CC Cream – Silky

I have been using this product for a few years now. I did not use to wear any make up until I found out about this product. This is great for everyday wear, and does not feel like you are wearing any make up at all! I would highly recommend this to anyone who is wanting to start wearing make up and does not want something that is heavy on their skin. It also lasts a really long time! – Maya Waters

This cc cream is amazing and I have been using it every day since I got it! It has a nice spf in it, which is great for summer. It also evens out my skin tone really well and makes me look more awake. And it saves me so much time, because I usually wear makeup only on the weekends with my busy schedule during the week. It’s also very moisturizing and feels light on my skin. – Freya Summers

I love Etude House, and this CC cream is fantastic. It is light and goes on like a dream. I credit it with my ultra even skin tone over the last couple of months. I use it as a primer underneath my foundation, and on its own in the summer when I’m not wearing foundation at all. Paired with a good SPF, it is also an excellent choice for those who want to protect their skin from the sun but hate how sunscreen feels and smells and looks. – Courtney Stanley

Product Descriptions

Etude House’s new CC Cream is a multitasking, 8-in-1 formula that hydrates and primes skin at an easy single step. It contains 8 different products at one time: Ultraviolet protection, moisturizing, skin brightener, primer, concealer, skincare, makeup, and treatment. Etude House claims that this all-in-one product is perfect for anyone who wants a flawless complexion without having to go through the trouble of applying multiple products. It contains Orange Flower Water that cools and refreshes skin, Vitamin C to fight free radicals and Moisturizing Factors to help with skin elasticity and moisture retention. Not sticky, this makeup looks natural on your skin.


  1. Hydrates skin
  2. Evens out skin tone
  3. Provides instant radiance
  4. Smooths skin
  5. Conceals pores and fine lines
  6. Protects from sun damage (SPF 30 PA ++)
  7. Decreases signs of aging
  8. Treats & prevents acne-causing breakouts for clearer, healthier looking skin

How to Use

  1. Use it alone or layered under your favorite foundation
  2. Apply liberally and blend evenly with your fingertips for natural coverage.


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