What You Need To Know About Eyebrow Tattoo Stickers

Particularly if you’re considering alternatives after losing your brow hair, temporary eyebrow tattoos provide several advantages and are a quick and affordable solution to recreate eyebrows.

Although temporary eyebrow tattoos have been available for a while, influencers have recently begun frequently bragging about them on TikTok, Instagram, and other social media sites. These eyebrow stickers from My Two Brows are tattoos that can be applied in seconds, just like the temporary tattoos you received as a child and the more recent temporary tattoo edges.

To achieve the perfect brows, cut out the shape, press it on your brow in the right location, apply water with a damp towel, hold for a few seconds, and then peel away the paper. They can imitate actual eyebrow hairs and require less than a minute to apply.

Temporary vs. Permanent Eyebrow Tattoos

Some cancer treatments have the side effect of causing eyebrow hair loss. Losing your eyebrows can significantly change how you look and feel about yourself. Learning to hide this flaw will help your appearance and self-esteem.

Temporary eyebrow tattoos are a type of semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo. They instantly convey the appearance of actual eyebrows and look natural. Perfect for people whose hair has fallen out due to chemotherapy, alopecia, drugs, illness, or excessive hair-tweezing. Eyebrow tattoos are done using a transfer that adheres to the skin and is washed off with water, just like other temporary tattoos.

On the other hand, permanent eyebrow tattoos are real tattoos applied by a specialist. Although they may fade and change color over time and require top-ups, they essentially last a lifetime, just like any other tattoo. Therefore, before even considering starting the tattoo, a good eyebrow tattooist will be very careful to carefully walk you through the process and give you a chance to test mock-up versions of the eyebrows.

You must carefully read the directions and position the temporary tattoos as directed if you choose to use them. Your nostrils’ outer margins should match up with the inner edge of the tattoo so that neither your eyebrows nor your tattoo’s inner edge is too near nor too far away. It’s not a big deal if you make a mistake because temporary tattoos can be removed!

However, permanent eyebrows must be applied by a qualified specialist because they will last for a very long period. In order to tattoo someone, the skin-penetrating pigment was used. According to others, the feeling is comparable to removing one’s eyebrows. There will likely be little to no pain because some technicians have applied a local anesthetic. After getting an eyebrow tattoo, that area may have some typical redness and swelling. After 1-3 weeks, this will have disappeared totally. Your tattoo will be healed within 4 to 8 weeks. Examine your eyebrow tattoo now to see if any mistakes or areas need to be touched up. Most artists will be pleased to do this at no additional charge.

Do Eyebrow Tattoo Stickers Has Benefit?

A great approach to fill in sparse eyebrows and significantly enhance the appearance of the face is eyebrow tattoos. Here are a few of their many benefits:

  • Because you may wake up with your eyebrows already filled in, eyebrow tattoos are a tremendous time saver for anyone who typically applies a lot of brow makeup.
  • Compared to the price of eyebrow cosmetics, they can save money.
  • People who have lost their eyebrows as a result of diseases, surgical procedures, scarring, alopecia, or other issues are good candidates for eyebrow tattoos.
  • In contrast to many other cosmetic procedures, which don’t show effects until after a drawn-out healing phase, eyebrow tattoos have immediate results.

What Is The Longevity of Temporary Eyebrow Tattoos?

Temporary tattoo eyebrows could be a perfect solution if your brows won’t grow and you’ve had to draw them on or even thought about getting permanent eyebrow tattoos. If you can’t get to the salon, want to save money, or are worried about micro blading’s potential side effects, they could also be a perfect alternative.

Depending on the manufacturer and how carefully (or not) you wash your face and apply cosmetics, temporary eyebrows can last up to a week. There are many manufacturers of waterproof versions designed to last at least five days.

What Shade And Shape Should I Pick?

The curve of your eyebrows will impact how you look; therefore, picking the design for your tattoos is crucial. The brows can appear artificial if they are arched too much or too little. By moving the position of the eyebrow tattoo on your brow line and elevating or lowering the far end, you can change the look of an arch.

Eyebrows have to be one or two shades lighter than your hair or wig color. Too much darkness or light will appear false. Please be aware that because our eyebrow tattoos are semi-transparent, they often have a “greenish” hue. The skin’s natural tones are seen when the product is applied. The combination of the ‘greenish’ tint with the pink skin tone gives the skin tones, typically pink, a soft and natural appearance.

How To Apply Eyebrow Stickers?

To begin using the tattoos, you don’t need to shave off your eyebrows; instead, you need to pick a shape that will cover them before applying the sticker to your skin and cleaning and exfoliating the region to eliminate any dead skin.

The shine that the sticker-like brow tattoo emits is one of its downsides. This does dry off. However, you can soften it a little with powder.

Final Thoughts

There are two types of tattooed eyebrows, permanent and temporary. Temporary tattoo eyebrows can last at least 3-5 days, depending on the care since the product is water-based. On the other hand, permanent eyebrows can last for 1-3 years before they fade. Yet, both can help restore eyebrow loss due to medical or any circumstances. The choice is always on the person, but before making such a decision, always know the pros and cons.

Eyebrow stickers are a great option for those who want to have the look of tattooed eyebrows but do not have the time or patience for permanent ink. They are easy to apply and remove, so you can play around with different looks before making a final decision.

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