Easy-to-follow Guidelines for purchasing an Engagement Ring

Popular media’s engagement ring advice for men tends to focus on “inspirational” concepts rather than detailed, actionable guidance on how to find and purchase the ideal wedding jewelry. However, the process of buying a ring doesn’t have to be a challenge. There are no stress-inducing elements in the process of finding the perfect engagement or wedding band for your significant other, as long as you take the appropriate approach. We’ve used our decades of experience in the diamond industry to put up this guide on how to pick and buy engagement jewelry. When it comes to choosing a diamond, jewelry style, and setting for your ring, you may rely on the advice of experts. In addition, we’ll show you which custom engagement rings in London are the most popular. Moreover, how to save money on a ring without sacrificing the jewelry’s quality. As a result, the moment you ask her to marry you will be much more memorable.

Purchase an Engagement Ring: Some Proven Strategies for Success

Let’s get to work. The following list of tips is here to help you buy an engagement ring with confidence and a great result.

Set a Felixable Budget

You may have read or heard the recommendation that you should spend two to three months of your pay on an engagement ring among the various engagement ring purchasing ideas. You may have also seen engagement ring price suggestions that place an unrealistically high value on an “excellent” ring. Many of the “rules” about engagement rings and costs were devised by diamond marketers and dealers, and we believe they should not be followed. Instead of deciding your budget based solely on your financial condition, you should take into account your fiance-to-individual’s wishes. Starting a new life together after getting married is a pricey endeavor. Reduce your financial worry and anxiety by purchasing an engagement diamond you can afford instead of adhering to archaic, out-of-date “rules.” You’ll be able to put all of your attention on your fiance and the joy of being married to the love of your life.

Consider her Choices

This is the second stage in designing an engagement ring that your partner will love. Look at the rest of their accessories. Is the majority of the jewelry fashioned from white or yellow gold? Is he or she a fan of retro or contemporary designs? You can also get a better idea of her personality by looking at the things she wears and carries. You can get a sense of what she likes by looking at her outfits. Think of a halo engagement ring if she likes floral antique outfits, or something similar. Look into a platinum beveled ring to complement her sleek and modern style. Having a conversation with your fiance’s family and friends can also be beneficial. The people who are closest to your fiance-to-be can be a great source of support for you. If so, your partner may have already discussed their ideals and preferences with you. Asking a friend to help you look at ring designs is also an option.

Select the Pattern and Shape

When constructing a ring, the form of your diamond is an important consideration. When it comes to body type, the most important factor is a person’s personal choice. It doesn’t matter what your style is; there’s an oval ring for everyone, from James Allen. This round brilliant solitaire ring is a popular choice for those who like a more traditional design. Pear-shaped rings are also popular among those who seek a one-of-a-kind piece. If the appearance of size is important to you, go with a style like the Emerald Cut diamond ring, which has a stone that appears larger than it is. Emerald and Marquise cuts, for example, make a diamond’s weight look larger than it is because of its emerald-like appearance. Your setting’s aesthetic will be influenced by the form you select. If you want to avoid chipping, you need to make sure your diamond is secure in the setting and that the point of a heart-shaped diamond is not shielded by a prong.

Look for the Best Diamond

Of all the tips for buying an engagement ring, this one might be the most important. More than any other aspect of your ring, the sparkle—known in the diamond world as brilliance and fire—is a diamond’s most eye-catching feature. That’s why we encourage our readers to spend more of their budget on cut quality than any other characteristic. You want to avoid a diamond that’s cut too shallow because the light hits the pavilion at a low angle. In a shallow cut diamond, the light exits through the sides, instead of reflecting through the table to your eyes. You also want to avoid a diamond that’s cut too deep. The light is dulled because of the sharp angle of reflection—causing the diamond to be less radiant.


Buying an engagement ring shouldn’t be a stressful process. By applying the tips above, you’ll be able to shop for an engagement ring knowing exactly what you’re looking for, all without being affected by the most common traps and pitfalls. Want help in finding the perfect engagement ring that’s within your budget? Lord of London provides the best custom engagement rings all over London. Their super-saving packages are very affordable without scarifying the diamond quality!

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