How sex can be good for your health!

You want healthier looking skin, happier mood, to cut the risk of cancer, heart disease, stroke and much more. It even cures headaches! So sex is definitely the best medicine. It is proven that sex on a regular basis is good for your health.

Regular sex has many physical and mental health benefits, and here are some of the most well known:

  • Reduces stress and anxiety. Sex release endorphins, which boosts your mood.
  • Improves sleep. Sex helps you feel relaxed which induces a good nights sleep.
  • Boosts your immune system. Sex can help to increase antibodies, which can help fight off illness.
  • Lowers the risk of heart disease. Sex can help to lower blood pressure which is helps reduce risk of heart attacks.
  • Reduces risk of a stroke. Sex can improve blood flow to the brain, which helps reduce the chance of a stroke.
  • People who have regular sex have been shown to live longer than those who do not.
  • Improves physical fitness. Sex is a great workout and burns off a few calories and great for pelvic floor muscles.
  • Improves mood and makes you feel more confident.
  • Increases intimacy with your partner. Sex can help strengthen a relationship and make you feel closer with your partner.
  • Its also been known to relieve headaches and migraines. An orgasm is known as a natural pain remedy which good because of the blood flow that’s released during climax.

Of course, this is important to note these are just general benefits of sex. If you have general questions and other issues in sex, then that’s where benefits of a sex therapist come in.

A sexologist or sex therapist is there to help people with a variety of sexual problems. First we assess your sexual health and identify any underlying medical conditions that could be contributing to your problems. We ask you questions about your concerns, sexual history, and mental wellbeing. We provide therapy to help you understand any emotional or psychological issues that may be contributing and adding problems to your sex life.

We can teach you about different techniques, positions, about different parts of the body and how they are involved in sex. We work on getting couples to open up with each other sexually, and become more confident. We want you to gain that confidence, so you can spice up your sex life, and get the sex life you deserve.

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