How To Enhance Security in Your Home Without Making It Look Like Fort Knox!

It is safe to say that as the world has become more digital, more people have begun to believe that it is safer in relation to personal safety and home security.

This is, unfortunately, a false equivalency as, in actuality, thieves have just gotten smarter!

As a result, homeowners are looking for an effective way to fortify their homes in a discreet manner. Luckily, there have been significant technological advancements, so now, you can get your hands on one of the new-generation home security devices. These will allow your home to experience the benefits of being protected without looking like a prison.

What are some of the best devices to get in 2023? Read on to find out!

Anti-Loitering Alarm

If you are asking how to prevent vandalism near your home, one of the easiest and most discrete options is to invest in an anti-loitering alarm. These will prevent people from lurking near your home by emitting a high-pitched noise that people under a certain age can hear, similar to a cat-repellent alarm. These options are cheaper than many other security systems and can also prevent crime, as they send the message that your home is protected by an advanced security system.

Smart Doorbell Camera

Next on the list is the smart doorbell camera. These compact and trendy devices have replaced the standard doorbell and are also equipped with HD cameras, as well as motion sensors. The camera activates when it is approached and sends a real-time video feed to either your smartphone or tablet, meaning you can be at home when there is no one there. So, it’s ideal if you work long shifts or are on holiday.

Mini CCTV Cameras

When it comes to discreetly monitoring your home’s exterior and interior, small CCTV cameras that can be easily concealed around your property are ideal. They can be hidden in plants near the front of your home, as well as in photo frames inside the home, providing high-quality video surveillance without drawing unwanted attention. They can even be adapted to have night vision and motion detection capabilities.

Window Sensors

One of the key entrance points to any property is the windows, and so window sensors are a great addition to your home security. These are small devices that are installed in the window frames and on doors to detect unauthorised entries or tampering. In a similar way to many of the other devices, they will send instant notifications to your smart devices when they are triggered, thus allowing you to take the next appropriate steps.

Wireless Keypad Entry Systems

As most home intruders will have access to bolt cutters or other devices that can allow them to break the locks on doors, traditional locking systems are now a thing of the past. So, it is worth investing in wireless keypad entry systems, as these discrete devices can be easily integrated into your existing door locks and can grant access to only the people that have the entry code. For added security, you may want to change the access code every day or week, especially if you live in an area where crime is on the rise.

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