How to Get Makeup Out of Clothes

We must face the truth; spills and smudges may still happen no matter how professional we do makeup. Whether it is your clothes or your client’s, you are left worried and conscious about getting the makeup out. If the makeup is not removed, it will look worse or become more stubborn to remove.

Before you rush the makeup-stained clothes to the laundry service near you, there are some pre-treatment solutions to help remove the stains from the clothes fast and easily.

Try Removing Stain with Makeup Wipes.

Do you know makeup wipes are not only for your face? This is a trick you can occasionally observe backstage at a fashion show. When makeup artists accidentally smear clothes, they wipe the stain with makeup wipes, and it works like magic. Do not forget to spot test to ensure it is colorfast.

Shaving Cream Saves the Day!

Several do not know this trick; a squirt or two of shaving cream can help lift the stain. Let the cream sit for ten minutes. As the cream sits, it dissolves the stain. After ten minutes, wipe off the shaving cream with cold water.

Use Rubbing Alcohol.

Dampen the tip of a clean washcloth with rubbing alcohol and gently rub it over the makeup stain. Alcohol is effective in removing oily and waxy stains, lipsticks in particular.

Try Using Hairspray.

Among makeup stains, lipstick stain is the most common, and using hairspray to deal with it is uncommon for some. Apply hairspray to the stain and let it dry. This only works if the hairspray contains alcohol. When the hairspray is dry, follow up with a wet wipe.

Lift Stain with Ice.

Ice cubes help lift the stain and rub the ice over the area. Do not use hot water when treating a makeup stain. It spreads and settles the stain on the fabric.

Basic Soap and Water

If you are at home or a place where you can use water and soap, the better. Damp a paper towel or clean towel with cold water. Dab it on the stain and drop a tiny amount of soap on the stain. Rub the fabric gently to lift the stain, do not rub the paper towel as it flakes off and leaves a smear on the fabric with its white bits.

Stain Remover Pen or Wipe

Have an on-the-go spot treatment on hand to have an instant treatment when your makeup smudges or stains your favorite clothes. You might not notice, but you will use the stain remover pen more than you think, not just on makeup stains but all kinds of stains!

Always keep an eye on smudges and spills while doing makeup. Remember these tips to get makeup out of clothes effectively. You can appoint a laundry delivery service after you have pre-treated your clothes and have them washed. If you are washing your clothes at home, ensure you have read the wash label of your clothes to ensure you are providing the proper care.

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