How to Look Both Professional and Classy in the Office?

Looking for a daily outfit for work can be devasting. You will find yourself trying for dresses and clothes a million times, asking yourself if it suits you well or maybe it is too sexy for work. Looking for professional outfits while you still look classy is a great way to express yourself and be confident at the same time. Particularly for women, how you dress can convey a sense of professionalism, responsibility, and reliability to others. With this article, you will not struggle anymore to look for work attire that will suit you and think if it is appropriate or not because we will give you an idea and tips on what to look for and prepare for an entire week.

Classy and Professional Look

Both classy and professional have different worlds when it comes to outfits. When we say professional, it is literally for work, while classy can go along to any event and happenings in anyone’s life. Attire for a party, a birthday, a date, or even just a long stroll to run errands might be considered classy, depending on how you bring your outfit. However, this does not prevent the possibility of both worlds merging or connecting. You can probably go to work and wear a dress that is professional with a class at the same time. Here are some tips about how to dress classy and professionally for work:

Know Your Wardrobe

Knowing the classification of your clothes is important. It’s essential to keep your daily clothes, cozy clothing, and professional attire separate from each other. In addition, make sure to separate jeans from slacks, dress from women’s blouses, and blazers from jackets. With this, it will be simpler for you to find the clothing you need or match it without stressing out.

Avoid Wearing Sexy Attire

Revealing and sexy clothes are not necessary for work. Avoid wearing short skirts and outfits with lots of skin showing. It will be uncomfortable. Although, if you do decide to wear a shorter skirt, you can pair it with tights to hide the hemline and match it with a white blouse and dark blazer. This look will surely rock any day working day.

Pick the Right Shoe

There are various sorts of shoes available for different uses. We often see heels, flats, and even sneakers used for work attire. The following are some suggestions you can match for your work outfits to look not only professional but classy as well:

Pump, Block-heel, or Square Heel

These kinds of heels are a good match for dresses, long or short skirts, jeans, fitted slack or square pants with blazers, long sleeves, or any blouses to stay classy.

Any Flats

Flats are a choice to make your day at work more comfortable while maintaining a professional appearance that is still elegant. Choose flats that go with any pair of jeans or slacks if you expect to be busier than usual on a certain day at the office.


Similar to flats, it is an excellent option for jeans and slacks as well as a long skirt if you need to work in the field while on the go.


Your office attire greatly depends on your hairstyle as well as the color of it. Short black hairstyles are one of the sophisticated matches to office dress; yet, it will still be based on your style and natural hair color, and it will still surely rock any attire. Here are some hairstyle suggestions you can match with office outfits:

  • Textured Crop
  • Sleek Pixie
  • Short and Wavy
  • Straight Lob
  • Middle Part and Pony
  • Straight with Ear Tuck
  • High Bun
  • Low Ponytail
  • Sleek High Pony


Whatever outfit you choose for your classy and professional look, make sure you will still be comfortable because it is one of the important things to move freely and do your task. In addition, wear it with confidence so that your attire will match your personality.

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