How to Slay in a 3-Piece Suit?

The iconic three-piece suit is a versatile addition to men’s wardrobe. You can wear a three-piece suit whenever you want as there aren’t any hard and fast rules. However, there are occasions when a three-piece suit is more or less appropriate.

Designer brand Jack Martin Menswear is there to help you figure out when to wear a 3-piece suit for men and when to leave the waistcoat at home.

The Feel of a 3-Piece Suit

A waistcoat adds charm to a suit. It is an integral part of the 3-piece suit. If the waistcoat is well tailored and contours your body perfectly, it gives a feeling of being held in a place.

When you unbutton your jacket while sitting, your waistcoat remains buttoned up, giving you a distinguished look.

On What Occasions Can You Slay in a 3-Piece Suit?

Dressing appropriately according to an occasion boosts your confidence and makes you stand out in a crowd. Although three-piece suits are more elegant than the standard two-piece, you may still wear one to every occasion. They are ideal for elegant summer garden parties, anniversary dinners, business meetings, and weddings.

How-To Put Together a 3-Piece Suit?

Although wearing a suit has always been associated with being formal and stylish at the same time, choosing a color and accessorizing it perfectly could be overwhelming. Wearing a three-piece suit isn’t much different than wearing a two-piece suit, but there are a few key points to learn.

Choose the Right Shade

The hardest part is picking a color. Can you pair a suit with a waistcoat of a different color? The quick response is “yes”! Make sure you choose the right shade for the occasion.

For business occasions, you can wear a charcoal grey suit and pair it with a light blue shirt. However, if you intend to wear your suit for the office, darker colours like black and navy are the superior choices. But you can still experiment with grey-, white- or even-coloured three-piece suits like light blue.

Get the Perfect Fit

The right color will only look good if it fits you well. Nothing looks bad as a poorly fitted suit. A custom-made suit will ensure that you have the ideal fit, so choose one when you can. Always make sure the length of your waistcoat should not go beyond the belt and should cover the shirt.

Choose the right accessories.

You can always spice up your outfit by accessorizing it perfectly, but you don’t need to overdo it. Avoid wearing fancy cufflinks or pocket squares if you want to wear a three-piece suit to your work.

A decent pocket watch is an ideal accessory to help you complete your outfit for the day. If you want to style it for a wedding occasion, a bow tie would be a perfect accessory to complement your suit.

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