INNO-DERMA Dark Spot Eraser [DSE Plus+] 24H Cream Review

The INNO-DERMA Dark Spot Eraser is a 24 hour cream that removes dark spots and evens the skin tone on its own. The cream includes a proprietary blend of organic ingredients designed to target dark spots on the face that caused or are associated with acne. This includes shaping, brightening, restoring suppleness, and minimizing the appearance of pores, wrinkles, and lineation. Combinations of both light and dark spot treatments can be used to achieve optimal results with minimal side effects. The DSE Plus+ contains a special blend of investigative polymer that combines with collagen to dissolve unwanted materials away with just one sweep of the fingertip.

 Review of INNO-DERMA Dark Spot Eraser [DSE Plus+] 24H Cream

I am so impressed with this product! I started using it this spring and within a few months I noticed that the dark spots on my face had faded. This summer we went to Europe and I forgot to bring it with me. I didn’t notice anything different until about three weeks after I returned. The sun damage spots showed up again! So now I’m back to using it, and as long as I use it faithfully, the spots will not return. It’s great stuff! – Skye Joyce

I am still in the process of using the cream, but I can already see results. My skin has never looked better! I have tried countless products for my skin, and this is finally something that works. I used to get hyperpigmentation on my face from acne, and since using DSE, I no longer get them. My skin overall looks brighter and healthier than it ever has before. – Libby Richardson

I have been using INNO-DERMA DSE Plus+ for a few months now and it works great! My skin is very sensitive and I am prone to acne. This cream works well for me without any breakouts or irritations. I love the texture, scent and the fact that it is non-greasy. I haven’t seen much results on my fine lines but the product does work well on my dark spots. I will definitely continue to use this product as it really helps me. – Jennifer Burton

Product Descriptions

INNO-DERMA DSE Plus+ 24H is specifically designed to form a protective layer that fights against melanin production and the formation of dark spots. This means that your skin remains light. It also helps to prevent dyschromia, which causes uneven skin tone. With its specific action on pigmentation, it prevents sun damage to the skin and also has properties similar to those of photo-repair ingredients, which helps the skin recover from UV rays more quickly.


Reduce dark spots, discoloration and aging
Locks the moisture in for a 24 hours hydration
Prevents and diminishes wrinkles, fine lines and uneven skin tone
Provides a healthy looking complexion even without make up on.

How to Use

1. Wash the face with DERMALOGICA pre-cleansing gel
2. Apply a thin coat of INNO-DERMA Dark Spot Eraser [DSE Plus+] 24H Cream on the affected skin and massage for 5 minutes
3. Leave the cream overnight

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