Is Fila A Good Brand 2022?

We’ve all heard about Fila, but do we really know that much about it? They were immensely popular during the 90s. Both teens and adults were rocking all-white Fila shoes, but then, come the 2000s – Fila completely disappeared from the map. You could see an occasional white shoe on a dad here and there, but not even middle-aged men wore them that much.

But then, out of the blue, a few years ago, Fila started making its comeback when no one had expected it to. All in all, Fila’s life was a little bit of a rollercoaster, filled with both great and equally terrible decisions, but what we want to know today is – is Fila still a good brand? Should you wear it in 2022? Let’s find out.

The Comeback

Back in 2007, Fila Korea has bought back the dying company for $400 million. During this time, the company was doing so bad that not even tennis or basketball players wore the sneakers, let alone the general population. But, the new owners had a plan in mind.

During the 2010s, when the company started making its minor comeback onto the fashion scene, 90s fashion was starting to become hip again. Knee socks, bucket hats, tracksuits and all that 90s jazz. And, as you probably know, a vintage Fila sweatshirt was the fashion staple back in the 90s, so it was only appropriate for the brand to start making a comeback.

The 2020s

Nowadays, you can’t really say what’s trendy or not, because quite frankly, nowadays, you could wear a sack over your naked body and someone will think it’s fashionable.

Be that as it may, streetwear and sports fashion are what most youngsters are rocking nowadays, and that’s one market Fila has managed to win back for themselves. Not so long ago, they’ve had partnerships with Fendi, which really put them back on the map.

What also helped is that fashion icons like Rihanna, and Kendal Jenner began wearing it. Rihanna, who has a shoe deal with Puma, was wearing Fila sneakers, and if that’s not a big enough statement that the company is back – we don’t know what is.

Even if you’re not a streetwear/sportswear kind of guy or a gal, you can still incorporate this brand into your personal style. Vintage items can be coupled with pretty much anything – just ask the hipsters.

Final Thoughts – Should You Wear It In 2022?

With 2021 almost behind us, we have to think about 2022. So, the question is – should you cop yourself some Fila sneakers, tracksuits, and sweatshirts and rock them in 2022?

If you ask us – the answer is a resounding yes.

First of all, nobody should tell you what you can’t wear, therefore, we won’t tell you what you can’t wear. It’s 2022 – you can wear whatever you like. Your body – your choice.

However, if we can give you a little bit of friendly advice in regards to what to wear, well, we’re glad to do that. After all, a little bit of fashion advice never hurt anybody.

In our own humble opinion, Fila is going to stay relevant in the fashion industry for years to come, so sure, wear it as much as you want during 2022. We’re sure some big fashion names like RiRi or Em Rata are going to wear it too, so why wouldn’t you?

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