Juliette Armand Vitamin C Serum Review

The Juliette Vitamin C serum is a multi-tasking powerhouse that will leave your skin glowing radiant and smooth. The serum is infused with a powerful blend of antioxidants and peptides that work together to help repair and replenish the skin barrier, also known as the invisible peel that protects our skin from environmental pollutants, toxins and UVA/UVB rays. Its light texture helps heat damage rejuvenate while remaining natural looking. Infrared technology stimulates the skin to release natural collagen while the mineral oil acts as an anti-aging powerhouse.

Review of Juliette Armand Vitamin C Serum

I have always had a few minor blemishes on my face and I’ve never found anything that really helped me out with them until I started using this vitamin c serum. I’m so glad I tried it! It acts as a moisturizer, a primer for makeup, and as an anti-aging treatment without the heavy feeling. It has definitely done wonders for my skin tone, pores and blemishes! – Eleanor Fleming

I have nothing but praise for this product. My skin has never been so smooth and radiant. The lines around my eyes have disappeared and my skin just glows. I have had several people ask what my secret is. I am 51 years old and people think I look much younger. My complexion has improved dramatically, and that was my main goal. – Maya Barnett

I’ve been using the serum for a month now and I am amazed at how much brighter and smoother my skin looks and feels. It glides on my skin like silk and sinks right in without leaving any greasy or sticky feeling. Best of all, I’ve noticed that the fine lines around my eyes have disappeared and its even improved the texture of my skin. – Kayleigh Carroll

Product Descriptions

Juliette Armand Vitamin C Serum is enriched with vitamins and plant extracts to protect the skin’s natural defenses and promote collagen production in the skin by normalizing the metabolic functions of fibroblast, improving elasticity, regenerating cells and preventing wrinkles. This serum is ideal for people concerned with photo-aging and want a more youthful looking complexion. This product improves complexions with imperfections and helps restore a healthy glow to your complexion. It also provides a protective barrier which prevents the skin from becoming dry and restores vitality for a smooth look. Vitamin C is an antioxidant which helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Juliette Armand’s Vitamin C Serum is a light weight serum that contains lots of Vitamin C for ultimate results. It’s formulated with our proprietary vitamin c complex”.


Restores oily skin to normal
Smooths and softens dry skin
Smoothes and minimizes fine lines
Calms irritated and overly dry skin
Helps with acne, blemishes and marks
Fades dark spots and discolorations on the skin
Gives you that healthy glow

How to Use

1. Apply a pump of serum onto a clean, dry skin.
2. For optimal results, use morning and night for a month.

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