Memory Care Services In Greenwich CT

Alzheimer’s Disease, and especially Dementia, is a growing problem. Although the disease is more common in people above the age of 65, the senior community has been pretty affected by its grip.

Local leaders and state policymakers have been pretty involved in taking care of the fundamental needs of the older community in Greenwich, CT, and things have taken a good turn.

There have been many memory care services in Greenwich, CT, that have proven their expertise in taking care of Alzheimer’s and Dementia patients. 

They have helped families take care of patients with such mental health needs, so if you want to know all about them, stay tuned with us.

1: Home Care Connectors

This 24/7 dementia care facility has been pretty forthcoming about its services, and one should not face any difficulty registering their patients here.

The place looks beautiful, which should be a perk because the scenic beauty of the place does not reflect a typical hospital atmosphere.

The staff is pleasant, friendly, and helpful, and they are insured, licensed, bonded, and trained to take care of the patients and their special needs.

2: Atria Briarcliff Manor

One of the best benefits of this memory care service is that it is located near the child centre and town park library. The staff is helpful, and the food is pretty nice compared to a care centre.

Even though they take care of people with memory problems, they have different kinds of enjoyment options such as movies, clubs, exercise sessions, etc. 

The park next door also has a community pool where the Atria residents are allowed to step in. So, overall, this care service is adequate in its features and in its ability to take care of patients.

3: Sunrise At Fleetwood

Many people drop their older parents with Alzheimer’s and Dementia in this care service because of the excellent service the staff provides.

They have a lot of activities, and the rooms are pretty big. They have individual rooms and sharing rooms so that one can choose as per one’s needs.

This facility even has a library, a movie room, and a larger screen TV to host gatherings. The price they charge for their services is worth the money. 

4: Brighton Gardens of Stamford

This senior memory care service includes 24/7 assistance with daily living activities, weekly housekeeping, onsite wellness visits, and laundry services.


If the patients want to live with their pets, they can. It is one of the most exclusive benefits of this memory care service centre.

They have a community app that helps the patients get in touch with their family members and stay updated about upcoming events. 

5: Brightview Tarrytown

Comfortable gathering spaces and vibrant retirement living are two of the unique offerings of this memory care service centre.

There are visual cues all around this place that help patients navigate their way no matter where they are. As a result, they don’t always need staff to accompany them.

Even Alzheimer’s patients love being empowered, and there are many stimulating activities for all of these patients to enjoy.

6: Brookdale Wilton

The lush, wooded property with a high, relaxed setting—Brookdale Wilton is one of the best memory care services in Greenwich, CT, for senior people.

The staff is extremely skilled in keeping an eye on people’s health, assisting them with daily living, updating their healthcare plans, and helping with mobility and medication management. 

There are also transportation services available inside the facility so that residents can get from one point to another without getting lost.

7: Maplewood At Darien

If you need to access personalized memory care services for your known Dementia patients, this is the place to go. 

Even the family members also appreciate the staff member’s professionalism and their dedication to catering for the needs of the patients.

Licensed nursing assistance is available at all times, and they have enough experience to help the residents suffering from moderate to severe memory loss. 

Putting It All Together

Greenwich, CT, is famous for its memory care services, and we have highlighted a few of them here so that you can get a sense of direction in what to do with elders in your family who have Dementia.

The price range of these services varies from a moderate to high range, which means people of different income backgrounds can rely on these services.

So, if you need more information on them, reach us in the comment section below. We will get back to you with an answer in no time.

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