Mister Pompadour Peppermint Pomade Review

Mister Pompadour peppermint pomade is the ultimate formula for voluminous hair. If you have fine or medium hair, this natural product will volatilize and smooth your texture while providing styling benefits for stronger waves. It includes essential oils from around the world including rosemary, lavender and libanum. The scent is warm and comforting with notes of peppermint followed by musks, cassis, muskmelon, clove and vanilla. It leaves your hair feeling soft, smooth, and shiny without adding extra volume or increasing frizz. This product is extra versatile because it can be used on different hair types including coarse, coarser, or fine.

Review of Mister Pompadour Peppermint Pomade

I LOVE THEIR PRODUCT. I have been using their pomade for the past 2 months and it works great! My hair is longer than it has ever been because of this product. I use it every morning and night, and my hair feels amazing. I don’t even need to put any other products in my hair after using it. – Jack Davey

I have been using this product for about 2 months now and I love it. It’s really great for styling your hair and keeping those fly aways at bay. Highly recommend if you’re looking for a strong hold, but natural pomade that doesn’t leave your hair feeling waxy or greasy. Plus the peppermint oil is very soothing to the scalp. – Benjamin Faulkner

I’ve been using this pomade for a week now and my hair has already started to feel stronger, and I’m seeing new growth in areas that were previously thinning. The peppermint oil combined with the lanolin makes my scalp feel refreshed without itchy or oily. I have a sensitive nose so the peppermint scent is refreshing and not overwhelming. The consistency of the product is creamy and smooth, and it isn’t greasy at all. It’s easy to apply. – Sebastian Bradley

Product Descriptions

The Mister Pompadour Peppermint Pomade was created as a way to allow everyone the ability to style their hair with ease and confidence! Packed with ingredients added due to their beneficial properties to hair including peppermint oil, lanolin wax, castor oil, and more! Just a dab will give you extreme natural shine as well as a firm hold that is easy to wash out. Our pomade has a strong enough hold to style your hair into any hairstyle you desire. It’s perfect for all hair types and for all styles, and comes in three amazing scents so you can choose your favorite one.


Helps eliminate dandruff
Protects against humidity
Softens hair
Provides flexible hold
Gives hair a healthy shine
Promotes hair growth

How to Use

1. Rub a small amount of Mister Pompadour between the hands and apply it in dry or damp hair
2. Apply to one side of the head only for asymmetrical hairstyles
3. Use a hair brush or comb for classic looks or your fingers for messy hairstyles

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