How Often Should You See Your Orthodontist After Braces?

The moment you’ve been eagerly anticipating is finally here: the impending freedom from the embrace of braces.

Those wires and brackets that have been a constant presence in your life are about to be removed, allowing you to relish the impeccable results of those months and years of discomfort.

But don’t bid your orthodontist goodbye just yet because you might find yourself making routine visits even after the braces are gone.

While you had your braces, you likely grew accustomed to the rhythm of seeing your orthodontic team every 6-8 weeks. The thought of parting ways with those regular check-ins might be bittersweet as you ponder how to preserve the radiance and health of your newly straightened smile. Enter the next chapter.

The Era of Retainers Begins

Now that your braces have been ceremoniously removed, it’s time to usher in retainers. Your teeth have achieved the perfection you’ve always envisioned, but your orthodontist remains the guardian of this newfound splendour.

On the day you bid your braces farewell, your orthodontist will craft a set of retainers tailored to your needs and provide precise instructions for their use, ensuring your teeth maintain their newly acquired alignment. Determining the most suitable retainer type and the ideal schedule for wearing them will be part of this guidance.

Should you encounter any complications with your retainers, your orthodontist should welcome you back for a consultation and a refitting.

Safeguarding Your Teeth’s Shine

Even if you diligently adhere to impeccable oral hygiene, you should still schedule an appointment with your orthodontist after removing your braces. This visit serves a dual purpose: first, to inspect for any sneaky cavities that may have taken root during the period you had your braces on, and second, to address any lingering dental concerns.

Moreover, even if you have a spotless dental record, you shouldn’t dismiss the importance of dental prophylaxis to banish any plaque that may have accumulated while your braces stood guard.

Now that your teeth gleam with newfound radiance, the allure of teeth whitening may beckon. While this is a viable option for many, it’s prudent to exercise patience. We recommend delaying whitening treatments after removing your braces for a month or two. Why? Your teeth may be more sensitive post-braces, having been concealed from the elements for an extended period.

So, as you approach the finish line in your orthodontic journey, remember that the vigilant care of your teeth and the continued guidance of your orthodontist and dentist are essential to ensure that your hard-won smile remains a lasting testament to all that effort you’ve put in.


In your orthodontic journey, the removal of braces marks a significant chapter’s end, but it is by no means the final page. The enduring brilliance of your smile, the meticulous alignment of your teeth, and the ongoing health of your oral cavity all require your vigilant attention and the skilled guidance of your orthodontist and dentist.

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