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pH Formula CC Cream Review

Your skin is your biggest asset, but it’s also the biggest risk to your health. This product review for CC Cream SPF 30 reveals that this cream provides great coverage while protecting your skin from harmful rays that cause damage.

Product Review

I love that CC Cream has SPF 30. However, this product also contains titanium dioxide, which can cause irritation. It does not contain any zinc oxide (which is the primary ingredient in most sunscreen products).

Pros and Cons of a CC Cream

CC cream is a type of cosmetic that has smart technology built into it to provide skincare benefits. If you’re looking for the best protection from the sun, getting a CC cream is a great option. One of the main cons of this product is that it doesn’t have UVA protection, which is required in most states.

What Makes a CC Cream Great?

A pH Formula CC cream is a facial makeup that provides an even tone and healthy-looking complexion. It is the best way to protect your skin from harmful UV rays, improve its overall texture, and smooth away any wrinkles. The shades of a CC cream can be as light as a tinted moisturizer or as dark as a foundation. Some products may even have SPF built in to help with sun damage.

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How to Apply a CC Cream

When applying a CC cream, I always try and cover my entire face. I use my hands to create a flattened shape to apply it around the nose, mouth, and chin. I then pat it into place with my fingers for an even application.


There are many benefits to the CC cream. It offers high-coverage yet lightweight coverage. It is perfect for combination skin, like mine. The product has SPF 30, which is great for every day.

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