Honest Review on Pixie Lott Paint Hair Dye

Honest Review on Pixie Lott Paint Hair Dye

If you haven’t discovered Pixie Lott Hair Dye, or if you have and are wondering if it’s the right hair dye for you, then this is a product review you’re going to want to read. This blog review won’t lie; it’s not easy reading for someone who hasn’t already tried hair dye before. That’s why I’m going to do everything within my power to make it as easy.

It is highly praised for its water-based formula that’s safe for sensitive skin. It is lightweight and easy to wash out, resulting in faster permanent color effects.

There are Pixie Lott bases available to create different effects. So there’s no need to worry about micro-detail work or waiting for the powder to dry. And the formula is vegan friendly and cruelty-free (as well as 100 percent vegan). The options available in stores aren’t always great, but I’ve found Bubbling Springs Skin & Beauty Supply  to be great for most things.

Pixie Lott Paint Hair Dye shades

About the Pixie Lott Hair Dye

I’m sure that you already know who Pixie Lott is. Well, color her hair is very important to her, as is proper care and maintenance of it. She’s not afraid to make changes to it, either, as she’s changed her hair from red to fuschia and blonde. Originally a brunette, she began dying her hair when she was just 14!

Pixie Lott has launched her own hair color brand, Pixie Lott Paint Hair Dye! Painted in a water based formula, Paints’ claims are that it enhances soft luscious colour giving subtle pastel hues without the need for mixing or endless brush strokes and takes just 10 minutes.

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It provides you with a safe and good-quality hair dye for layering or shampooing, or to use as a peroxide treatment for lighter hair. Available in silver, pink and starlight shades.

How to Use

  1. Wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner in the shower
  2. Wear an old t-shirt that you don’t mind getting dirty
  3. Prepare and apply it according to instructions
  4. Let hair dye sit for 15 minutes, rinse out

Takeaway: You can apply this Hair Dye at home. Just be sure to follow the directions carefully on the box.

Pixie Lott Hair Dye Review

I tried hair dye. I have to admit, it isn’t what I expected. It was just a bad idea, and it makes me feel foolish. I don’t want to recommend this spray paint for thinning hair, but it is worth trying. It’s cheap and gets the job done, but the results are disappointing.

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