Primal Suds Head Cave Shampoo Bar (Shamsmoo – Oily Hair) Review

This bar is great for those that have oily or damaged hair. The smell is amazing and the cereal-like texture absorbs easily into your scalp. It is easy to wash out and leaves your hair feeling moisturized. It has the added rice milk and rice powder because it definitely gives the benefits of both coconut and rice without overwhelming the other ingredients. The bar – which has been specifically formulated to target fine and medium length hair – contains the essential ingredients for healthy hair and prevents hair loss while simultaneously helping to remove dust mites and other potential environmental factors that affect hair growth.

Review of Primal Suds Head Cave Shampoo Bar (Shamsmoo – Oily Hair)

I bought this shampoo bar for my boyfriend who suffers from oily hair and a dandruff problem. Since he’s been using this bar, his scalp is less flaky (if at all) and his hair isn’t as greasy as it used to be. I was originally going to buy the mint one, but the Shamsmoo scent is also quite pleasant and calming. – Amelia Franklin

I have very oily hair, so I was very intrigued by the product. I love that it comes in a bar form too, so I don’t have to worry about shampooing my hands every time I wash my hair like with other hair products. It’s gentle on the skin and smells great (I love citrus). The shampoo lathers up nicely, but if you’re sensitive to scents this may not be for you. – Natasha Tomlinson

I have a ton of hair. I mean a TON. And it’s pretty much all over the place. It’s kind of like that friend who is always late to everything because she can never find her keys. I usually get very oily at the scalp by the end of the day, especially in the summer when it’s really hot and humid. I’ve been looking for products that would help with this issue for years and never found anything that worked until now! This shampoo bar has kept my hair  more shiny, softer to touch, and feels healthier. – Chloe Hamilton

Product Descriptions

Our Suds Head products were created with you in mind. Made in small batches, they provide a natural approach to cleaning your hair, restoring its natural oils, shine and bounce. Our signature Shamsmoo bar is made with premium grade olive oil. This formula is designed to deeply penetrate the hair shaft with nutritive properties, helping to repair damage from the inside out while removing excess sebum buildup caused by oily hair types. Plus we included natural rice milk powder to restore nutrients the hair needs and help strengthen it over prolonged use for stronger, healthier looking locks.


1. Good for oily hair
2. Cleans and removes oil, condition the scalp to stop dandruff
3. No more frizz and static!

How to Use

1. Wet your hair and apply shampoo bar directly to scalp, lather
2. Massage into your scalp and finger comb through your hair
3. Rinse well to leave a fresh, clean scent

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