Skin Care

Skin Care Tricks, Hacks and Remedies

Your skin is as essential to your health as any other body organ. Most people will evaluate your general body health by first gauging the condition of your skin because it is your largest and most conspicuous body organ.

Taking care of your skin is therefore essential for a good outward appearance and your body’s overall health. At Rudolph Care, we pride ourselves in helping you develop a good skin care routine with the right products that line up with the type of skin that you have.

Knowing Your Skin Type

Knowing your skin type is extremely vital when determining the tricks, hacks, and remedies to apply on your skin. Applying the right solution on the wrong skin type may end up creating or aggravating problems like acne and dryness on your skin.

Observing the characteristics of your skin can help you categorize it into the following five types:

Oily Skin

If you have an excessively shiny face in the morning that becomes increasingly greasy as the day progresses, you may have oily skin. Your skin may also fall into this category if it cannot hold makeup for a long time without looking somewhat eroded when the makeup begins to slide off.

Other common signs that you have oily skin include pimples, blackheads, acne, and pronounced pores on your T-zone which includes your chin, nose and, forehead. The best way to care for your oily skin is periodic cleansing and using products that will unclog your pores.

Dry Skin

Although dry skin or Xeroderma is more prevalent in women than it is in men, this condition is quite common across both genders. You may be suffering from this condition if your skin consistently exhibits rigidity, roughness, cracking, scaling, wrinkling, and dullness in complexion.

If your dry skin is left completely unattended, you may begin to experience itchiness, irritation, redness and, even infections. These infections are often a result of the open sores that are caused by cracking.

The best way to care for your dry skin is to stay away from products that deny it of moisture and sebum. You should also avoid taking long, hot showers and exposing yourself to direct heat and ultraviolet rays. Getting quality dry skin moisturizers is also recommended.

Normal Skin

The one characteristic that makes normal skin different from other skin types is balance. Your skin is normal if it exhibits radiance in complexion, smoothness in texture, elasticity, and controlled sensitivity. The absence of blemishes and greasy patches also indicates that your skin is normal.

Young people are more likely to have normal skin than their older counterparts because of the dryness that naturally occurs in skin as a result of aging. Applying proper maintenance tricks, hacks, and remedies is the best way to keep your normal skin from becoming dry or oily.

Combination Skin

You have combination skin if your skin exhibits the characteristics of oily, dry, and normal skin in different areas. In most cases, your T-zone will be oily while your cheeks will either be dry or normal.

Without expert advice and quality products, combination skin may be extremely difficult to take care of because it demands specific treatments in specific areas.

Sensitive Skin

Although sensitive skin is considered to be a skin type, it is not exclusive. You can therefore have skin that is either oily and sensitive, dry and sensitive or normal and sensitive. Your skin is considered to be sensitive if it is easily irritated by external stimuli including perfumes, dyes, dust, and environmental conditions like heat and humidity.

If you have sensitive skin, the best way to take care of it is to avoid products and environments that will expose you to the things that irritate your skin.

Creating a Daily Skin Care Routine

There are general tricks, hacks and remedies that will benefit you immensely regardless of your skin type. These include:

Face Cleansing

The type of skin that you have should determine the cleansing products and regimen you apply. You should clean your face once a day if you have dry skin and twice a day if you have oily and normal skin. A good cleanser is one that does not leave your skin rigid after washing. Do not over-clean your face because it might rid your skin of the natural oils that keep it healthy.

Applying Facial Serums

Applying facial serums immediately after cleansing is a great hack to keep your skin healthy. These serums contain active ingredients like vitamin C, peptides, retinol, and growth factors that quickly absorb into your skin.

The type of serum you choose to use should be in line with your skin type. Serums work best depending on whether you apply them in the morning or evening. The best way to determine the best serum for your skin is to engage medical and product skin care professionals.


Moisturizers are a non-negotiable requirement for all skin types. Quality moisturizers work by creating a barrier between your skin and climatic conditions like excessive cold and heat which can dehydrate your skin.

There is a wide range of moisturizers available in the market depending on your type of skin. A gel-based moisturizer is great if you have oily skin while a cream based moisturizer will work for you if you have dry skin.

Applying Sunscreen

You should apply sunscreen on your skin a few minutes before going out to give it ample time to take effect. Sunscreen works by blocking harmful ultraviolet rays from damaging your skin. If not kept at bay, these rays can make your skin develop unhealthy conditions like sunburns and skin cancer.

The sunscreen you apply should have a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) value ranging from 30 to 50 to give you optimum skin protection. The SPF is a measure of the amount of ultraviolet rays that can result in sunburn on sunscreen protected skin.

The amount of sunscreen you apply should be according to your skin tone. You should apply more sunscreen if you have a darker skin tone because it will prevent the overproduction of melanin that often leads to hyperpigmentation.


Your skin type notwithstanding, there are hacks, tricks and remedies that can make a world of difference on your skin’s health. If you consistently apply the above-mentioned ones, you will be on your way to a healthy, radiant and vibrant skin.

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