What are Art and Design Subjects?

Subjects included in Art and Design are typically designed to equip students with the confidence and practical skills needed to survive in the creative world. The main purpose of such programmes is to celebrate the power of budding talent. They can provide potential candidates with vital insight to move on to establish business or take the leap into higher education in any part of the world. Upon successful completion of art and design courses, you will have gained a creative edge at a more advanced level over other students.

Guess what? The practical element brought to you by an Art and Design programme involves real-time training in a range of creative practices. How can you actually use this? It’s quite simple. Undergoing hands-on experimentation as a student can assist in refining your abilities in a range of specialist techniques. Most students don’t just stop just there.

Of course, you can always find employment in an open studio space, engaged in specialised fields including graphics, fashion, moving image and crafts. But the best part is that simultaneously you can implement the insight obtained at college to develop a unique style and approach towards art and design. Read on to learn about the core subjects that are part of the art and design course curricula.

  • 3D printing

    Besides demonstrating how 3D printers work, students will also learn to examine the 3D printing ecosystem. You will get to explore the future of 3D printing and determine ways in which this technology is revolutionising the design world. Furthermore, you will acquire the professional skills needed to print and customise 3D designs.

  • Fine Art

    Through this subject, you will learn to place equal importance on critique and assessment of your work as the academic output itself. You will be provided with a collaborative space wherein you can share your work with your peers and post to gain constructive feedback. All students are entitled to receive instructor feedback in the same manner via audio, video, and/or written description.
  • Textiles

    Module related to textile will help you understand everything from fibres, yarns, dyes to knitted fabrics, paints and finishes. The applied knowledge can be immediately implemented to the fast-paced industry, relying heavily on high-quality photographs of retail goods.

  • Graphics

    The goal of this subject is to equip learners with a set of conceptual tools and transferable skills for designing and communicating within the realm of art. This core section involves formal studies in graphic design, as well as touching upon motion graphics, interface design, and editorial design.

  • Moving Image

    Develop your visual sensibility through this subject and get a grip on the latest trend of commercial photography. You will also get the opportunity to explore the relationship between still and moving image and analyse the complex interplay between the two.

Apply to the course now, if you wish to have a strong creative portfolio to further your professional career. Check out our website to explore the variety of specialisms available right from the undergraduate level.

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