What best goes with a plain black tube skirt?

We all have a black skirt, be it midi, short, long, tubed, or satin. This garment exists in all its formats and its color and versatility allow it to create differently and not at all boring looks. At Solado, we have looked at the latest trends and we know the most practical and combinable ways to wear a black skirt of any type.

Check out the below ideas to combine a plain black tube skirt

With a black shirt:

The concept is to combine two black garments but without becoming a total look. One of the most sophisticated formulas is to combine a short black skirt with a black shirt.

However, this should not be plain and basic. Choose a shirt with details that give it a special touch, with a Peter Pan collar, striking buttons, or openwork fabric. A look that, being mono-color, does not seem so as it has small details that stand out. Combine this outfit with accessories in camel or nude tones. A simple look with a lot of styles.

With a sweatshirt:

Yes, combining a black skirt with a sweatshirt is a street style trend that we love. Giving your outfit a roll is easy if you have a black skirt. Pair a short black skirt with an oversized sweatshirt in any color. A perfect and comfortable look! Add some military-style boots to this outfit to finish off the vibe. If you prefer another type of footwear and style, this look also combines perfectly with sports shoes. A casual outfit ideal for going to the office.

With a white blouse:

Combining a black skirt with a white shirt is easy and offers very good results. Choose a black, penciled, midi skirt, paired with a long-sleeved poplin shirt with a stand-up collar. An elegant, subtle, and very flattering look. To finish off a great look, complement these two garments with high-heeled sandals and vintage-style gold XXL earrings. With this outfit, you will not leave anyone indifferent.

With a lingerie top:

Black skirts are ideal for evening looks. Combining a black imitation leather midi skirt with a lingerie top of any color is a success for a dinner at night or an event. If you are looking for an elegant style, opt for a black lingerie top, if, on the contrary, it is a more casual dinner with friends, choose a lingerie top in any other color. In both cases, we recommend that you leave the footwear in the background. Choose a sandal or black pumps so that the skirt and top take center stage.

With flat sandals:

If short skirts are not your thing, we leave you a look of 10 with a long black skirt. Long skirts combine wonderfully with flat sandals in summer. Combine your long black skirt with a basic cropped top in any color, fabric, or pattern, and add a simple flat sandal, either a shovel or strappy.

This is a quick look that looks great. A sporty key can also be added to long skirts. Wear a long black skirt with wide white sneakers or something more classic, like some nice Jordans and some Jordan shirts to match your shoes. This is a great option for everyday wear.

How to wear a long black skirt?

Do you have a long plain black tube skirt in your closet and you don’t know how to wear it to achieve the desired look? Take a look at the options we present to you.

Black skirt with white shirt:

Wide leg fashion pants are, perhaps, one of the most popular and elegant combinations you will find. If you want to go to work with a long black skirt to achieve a perfect executive look, you only have to combine said garment with a white long-sleeved shirt (if it is autumn or winter) or sleeveless (if it is summer).

To accompany this look, we recommend that you wear high heels, either with a little heel or a platform. Add a black bag to the outfit or opt for some other dark hue that gives prominence to the said accessory.

If you like the white shirt as the star garment of a look, take a look at this article on How to combine a white shirt.

Black skirt for partying:

The crop top fever has offered us great looks to go to a party. Do you want a sensual, daring, and elegant combination at the same time? If so, we recommend that you add a crop black long sleeve going out top to your long black skirt. Go for white or black if you want to highlight your figure or choose a more striking color if you want to add a touch of fun and daring to your outfit.

Outfits to wear a black pencil skirt:

These types of skirts are characterized by being tight and lengthening, approximately, above the knees. The best thing about this sensual and elegant garment? You can also use it to go to the office on a work day or for an informal outing with friends.

Black pencil skirt to go to work:

When it comes to a work day, the best option will be to opt for long-sleeved solid or striped blouses. The colors? Although you can indeed choose them to your liking, at, we recommend that you opt for white, black, blue, or cream colors for an elegant look.

To complete this executive look, you can opt for black high heels. Does it seem too serious to you? Then you can bet on shoes in a more striking color or on an elegant jacket that adds a touch of color to the outfit.

Black tube skirt for parties and events:

If you want to create a stunning look with a black pencil skirt to party, we recommend you get trendy mini dresses that include sequins or even lace. This can look great with silk or a strapless blouse in black, gold, or silver. But remember, if one of the pieces is bright, make sure the rest of the look stays simpler and darker.

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