What Colored Contact Lenses Are

About 40 million individuals in the US wear contact lenses. Most individuals put them so they can correct their vision, while others choose contact lenses to change their eyes’ appearance.

By law, every contact lens, including colored ones, need a prescription, whether or not they correct vision. Manufacturers can call colored contact lenses, Halloween, decorative, costume, circle, theatrical, or cosmetic lenses.

In other words, the colored contact lens can be used for cosmetic reasons or to help correct an individual’s vision. You may choose to buy blue contact lenses with a natural appearance or go for ones with striking and bright colors to suit different styles and outfits.

Types of Colored Lenses

In general, colored lenses are made to mimic the iris appearance. Normally, the iris is a blend of various colored shapes and lines. In order to capture the likeness, a colored contact lens will be created using lines and dots.

Although every colored lens has the same purpose and makeup, you can get them in different forms. These types may include:

  • Visibility tinted lens
  • Enhancement tinted lens
  • Opaque tinted lens
  • Light filtering color contacts
  • Theatrical tints

Safety of Lens

It is imperative to get a prescription for every type of contact lens, including those worn for cosmetic purposes. They all need to be specifically fitted for your eyes.

Even when you don’t require your vision correction through prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses, you will still need a prescription from your doctor to use colored contacts.

After all, they remain medical devices that will be placed onto your eyes. So it is imperative to ensure that they are comfortable and fit specifically for your eyes.

Always get your colored contacts from FDA-approved retailers. Avoid buying from a fair/street vendor, an internet retailer, a novelty store, or a beauty salon that doesn’t ask for prescriptions. Everyone selling colored contact lenses that don’t ask for a prescription is doing so illegally, and the lenses might be unsafe to wear.

Cost of Colored Contact Lenses

Generally, colored contact lenses are more expensive compared to non-colored contacts because of the development and additional research involved in the production. Manufacturers need to determine popular color options and add color to their regular contacts to end up with colored lenses.

The cost of a colored contact lens solely depends on the type and style. Everyday disposable color contact lens costs between $40 and $85 per month. The cost of extended ones ranges from $12 to $90.

Choosing and Handling Contact Lenses Well

The color of contact lenses that will suit you depends on several factors, like skin tone and hair color. However, it mostly depends on the type of appearance you want to get. This can be a daring and dramatic or a natural and subtle look.

In order to take care of your colored contact lens, ensure you follow the commands of the doctor. The doctor’s commands can be based on how to wear, store, disinfect, and clean the lenses.

Concluding Remarks!

A colored contact lens has come a long way. Plus, they are no longer uncomfortable or intimidating to wear. You can wear them to correct your vision or for cosmetic purposes without feeling uncomfortable or anxious. Just ensure you get the right fit from the eye doctor.

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