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How to Use Hair Extensions to Add Length and Volume to Short Hair

Whether you are going to your first date or a job interview, hair is one of the most prominent features of your personality. It defines your overall appearance and has the power to make or break your first impression of someone.

There are millions of products and services in the market that can let you change the appearance of your hair. From hair dyes from the store to a haircut from a professional, a lot can be done to change the outlook of your hair. However, these changes may take time to reverse.

You do not have to wait for your short hair to grow back or your hair dye to run out. Hair extensions are a viable option for people with shorter hair to add volume and length to their hair. It is an easy and safe option that can help you have a new and unique look every day.

If you want your short hair to look lengthier and denser, here are a few ways you can use hair extensions to achieve your goals.

Choose Thick Wefts

Short hair can look classy and chic. It’s definitely low maintenance and makes one’s day-to-day life hassle-free. However, unlike people with longer hair, the ones with short hair do not have a lot of styling options. And sometimes, one look can just get too boring for them.

You do not have to wait for a year to let your hair grow longer to style it. Cliphair is an easy and safe option for people with short hair to experience the glam of long hair.

It is very easy to use hair extensions. Make sure to brush the extensions before finalizing your look. People with shorter hair need thicker hair to go from short to a longer length.

If you fear that your extensions might look artificial, you can use different colored wefts to create a natural and fuller look. Different colored hair extensions can add depth and dimension to your hair.

Start Low

As mentioned, short hair does not need a lot of maintenance. That is one of the biggest reasons that people with short hair keep getting. Yes, long hair can look prettier sometimes, but nothing beats the comfort of short hair.

However, when it comes to using hair extensions, people with shorter hair can have some difficulty camouflaging their natural hair and extensions. The problem mostly arises from the bottom of your head, where shorter hair gives away your fashion secret.

Therefore, people with short hair using extensions should always start from small portions on the nape of their neck. Separate each section, brush it, and use small sections to clip in your extensions step by step.

Use Wide Wefts

When it comes to extensions, shorter hair needs more coverage than longer hair. As discussed, it is essential to start from the nape of your neck to promote coverage. But that is not all, and you have to keep moving up till you reach the crown area.

When every weft is placed correctly, it can help you conceal short layers of hair. Of course, for better coverage, you need wider wefts, especially near the crown area of your head.

The shorter layers near and above the nape of your neck will give your hair immense volume and added length. The wider extensions on the top will give your hair a more natural and cohesive look.

Frame Your Face

Every face is different and beautiful in its own way. With all these differences, one product can never fit all. Similarly, when it comes to hair extensions, every look has to be adjusted depending on your preferences, looks, and hair length.

When it comes to the extensions for the side of your face, make sure to clip your extensions. Cutting the extensions will ensure that everything mixes seamlessly and you get an effortlessly beautiful look. No one is ever going to figure out your actual hair length.

Style in Advance

Everyone is aware of the hours they have spent styling their hair. At least 30 minutes are needed every day to get the matter of hair in order with a blow drying or a straightener. This struggle every morning can be exhausting and you may have little energy left to deal with the rest of the day.

Well, your hair extensions can save you from the struggle of waking up an hour early to set your hair. If you want to add curls or straighten your extensions, make sure that you do it before applying.

Once done, you can manage the extensions easily with your natural hair. Now, you do not have to worry about styling your hair every day. You will only need to treat your extension again if you need to change the hairstyle or treatment.

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