Best Purple Hair Dye

Top 5 Best Purple Hair Dye for Dark Hair

Wait! Isn’t hair dying mainly for elders to make their white hair look black? But hey, that’s not the trend these days for sure. People look ahead to keeping their hair in good style by trying out different colours and shades that suit them. And so, we are going to look at the Top 5 best purple hair dye for dark hair products of 2020 in this blog. Here we go!!

Revlon Colorsilk Beautiful Color:

From the creators of the top hair colour brand in the USA, comes this burgundy purple hair dye that is long-lasting and gives you the perfect colour from the root to tip of the hair. Would you not want this product that gives a permanent and long-lasting colour for your hair? Rest assured, that your hair will look radiant and shining after dying your hair with this product.

Key features:

  • 100% grey hair coverage.
  • Silk proteins to make your hair look silky and soft.
  • Makes use of 3D gel technology and comes in the form of liquid gel.
  • Ammonia free making your hair free from chemicals.

Best Purple Hair Dye

Manic Panic Purple Haze Hair Dye – Classic High Voltage:

If what you are looking for is the best purple hair dye that is smooth on your hair, 100 per cent vegan, cruelty-free and semi-permanent; your destination is right here. Manic Panic Purple Haze Hair Dye is likely that it is most suitable for dark and light hair and can be used by both men and women.

Key features:

  • Semi-permanent on your hair lasting for about 4 to 6 weeks, especially on already lightened hair.
  • Adds moisture to the hair using the conditioners that have been fortified in this dye.
  • Gives the user with a warm yet dark purple colour on their hair, provided that hair has been pre-lightened before applying.
  • Available in single, pair and a set of three packs.

Punky Violet Semi-Permanent Hair conditioning:

This is one specific product that has garnered many positive reviews for its effect on your hair making you go wow!! What’s so special about this hair dye is that it does not use any ammonia content, PPD’s, GMO’s, Paraben, etc. With the colour being semi-permanent, if you are looking to experiment with hair dyes, this is the right product for you.

Key features:

  • The colour of your hair easily comes off after 25 washes.
  • Feels much lightweight leaving only the violet shade on your hair.
  • Does not contain harmful ingredients that may affect your hair.
  • Usable on both dark and light hair tones.

Garnier Nutrisse Nourishing Hair colour crème:

Who would dare to miss out to list a brand that has been on the list of top hair brands for very long? Giving a 100 per cent grey coverage and available in colour crème form, this product is long-lasting and gives permanent colour for your hair.

Key features:

  • Made as a blend of three oils – avocado, shea and olive making your hair look radiant and fresh.
  • Suitable for dark and light hair colour tones.
  • The only crème with grapeseed fruit oil ampoule which you can directly pour into the mix.
  • Has an excellent odour and uses the non-drip formulae.

Joico Intensity Semi-Permanent hair colour, Amethyst Purple:

On receiving this product in your hand, within the next 30 mins, your colour would be your most favourite purple colour. Believable? Yes, this best purple hair dye is unique in this way that gives you a semi-permanent purple shade on your hair that fades off after 20 washes. Bingo!! You also get a good odour while using this product and maintains moisture in your hair.

Key features:

  • It is suitable for all hair colour tones.
  • Gives an intense deep colour on your hair.
  • Does not make you strain and is cruelty-free.
  • Moisturizes your hair.

Purple is the latest trend that is dominating the hair dye industry. Suiting almost all skin colours, purple hair dye is being demanded and fashioned by many hair-style enthusiasts and professionals. So, grab the best purple hair dye in the market and have fun!!

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