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Best Treatments for Hair Growth and Thickness

Baldness and hair loss have been common problems among males and females. As the phenomenon makes them look bad, they usually seek hair growth and thickness treatment to cure their condition.

You can try medications, therapies, and even natural home remedies. But it’s essential to consult a dermatologist first to identify the type of hair loss and the possible causes. However, you can have thick hair with less hair fall if you undergo the treatments.

Treatment for Hair Growth and Thickness

Any person can suffer from excessive hair fall due to some reasons, such as nutrition deficiency, especially vitamin D. The other reasons can be hormonal imbalance, stress, thyroid problems, and skin issues.

No matter what makes you suffer from hair fall, you need to treat that well after diagnosing the cause or condition. You can classify the methods:

  • Natural Remedies that you can use at home without spending too much money.
  • Medications include oral medicines and different ointments.
  • Therapies, such as light therapy.

Let’s see the treatments that you can have to get your long, thick hair back.

Best Home Remedies for Hair Growth

Onion Juice

Onion juice has vitamin E, which enhances hair growth and prevents hair fall. You can take onion extract out and mix it with coconut oil to apply to the scalp. It’s one of the most ancient remedies or hair care methods you can rely upon. If you use onion juice regularly before shampoo, you can see positive results within a short time.

Fish Oil

Your faulty diet can also cause hair fall and different grades of baldness, which you can easily sort out. Have fish in your daily diet because fish oil has essential fatty acids that play an important role in hair growth. Moreover, you may also avail fish oil supplements if you can because that would be helpful.

Oil Massage

Oil massage may seem unnecessary or less effective at first, but it has some benefits. Oil massage ensures proper blood circulation near the scalp area, and thus, it helps the hair stay strong, grow more, and fall less. You should use natural flower or fruit oil for massaging your head.

Aloe Vera

Suppose you have dandruff, and that leads you towards hair thinning. Aloe vera has some antiseptic characteristics that make it a good solution for different skin conditions, including dandruff.

Applying the aloe vera juice on your scalp and rubbing it before washing your hair would be useful. Moreover, using aloe vera will make your hair look smoother besides thicker.

Castor Oil

Castor oil is a good item that nourishes your scalp. You can apply the castor oil on your scalp before showering, but keep it for some hours. Thus, it will nourish the hair and make it thicker because it will enhance its growth.

Possible Medications

Oral Medicines

You should take suggestions from your doctor because he can prescribe according to your blood test and other reports. So, you can have the oral medicines which your doctor prescribes as treatment. Minoxidil and Finasteride are the most common genetic medicines used to treat hair thinning and low growth.

Ointment and Shampoo

Ointments can be applied on your scalp when you sleep, or any time your prescriptions say. On the other hand, some shampoos are medicated that can be a solution for hair fall and thinning. Thus, you can have your hair treatment through the skincare items though they are a bit expensive.

Therapy and Surgery

Light Therapy

This is also known as laser therapy, and it’s effective to cure different skin conditions, including scalp treatment. Here, the therapists use infrared light for hair treatment with low frequency. Thus, the cells inside the body don’t get hurt, and the treatment also is good and long-lasting. But please remember that light or laser therapy is an advanced level treatment and only applicable when your dermatologist suggests it.

Hair Implant

The most clumsy treatment for hair thickness and growth is a hair implant, which is the last solution for those who have failed to have desired results. Here, a dermatologist and a cosmetic surgeon work together to have thick hair. They will have hair collected from other body parts and implant those on your scalp.

But it is not the best treatment for your hair because the hair implant may have some side effects on the scalp. So, you must try the home remedies and lifestyle changes first, and next, you can take the medications if the remedies don’t work.

Bottom Line

Treating hair growth and thickness is nothing you can’t afford; thus, medical science can cure any pattern of baldness. Remember that the household techniques really work, and you should start applying them if you notice any problem in your hair growth.

Moreover, it would be better if you take the medications and supplement carefully if prescribed. Consult a well-known dermatologist to have proper treatment without side effects.

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