Hollywood Style Deep Pore Black Carbon Scrub Review

Hollywood style deep pore black carbon scrub has been the most popular choice among makeup enthusiasts, beauty experts, and women who truly want to give their skin the healthy looking glow that Hollywood women are known for. This scrub utilizes the power of the finest black and white ceramic materials and bubbles for an efficient yet luxurious shine cleansing treatment that would leave your skin feeling silky soft and fresh after each use. Using this miracle scrub will leave your skin feeling smooth, fresh, and healthy looking – without adding any fragrances or chemicals that are harmful for your skin.

Review of Hollywood Style Deep Pore Black Carbon Scrub

‘ve been using this product for 3 weeks now and I can see a big difference in my skin. I have combination skin that is prone to breakouts, and I really like how this product doesn’t make my skin breakout. It also helps with the appearance of pores! I use it twice a week, morning and night. – Charlotte Winter

I had a blackhead on my nose that was really bothering me and would not go away. I tried everything and then I came across this product after reading some awesome reviews about it. It literally took the blackhead out in one night! You can’t even tell it was there. It is way better than any other pore strip/blackhead remover I have ever used. I will continue to buy this for life! You need to try this! – Danielle Short

Hello.. I just want to say that this product is amazing, I have really oily skin and blackheads all over my nose and forehead. I’ve been using this product for a week now and it works great. You can see the results right away. I know it’s not going to remove all of them but at least it takes care of most of them. The scrub smells like chocolate, so it’s perfect. Thank you for making such a good product. -Georgia Sharpe

Product Descriptions

Hollywood Style Deep Pore Black Carbon Scrub is a new black carbon activated scrub that is designed to help deep clean pores; remove blackheads, sebum/oil build-up, dead skin cells, and impurities for a clearer and luminous complexion. The scrub uses activated charcoal to purify the skin, while vitamin C and B3 help to stimulate cell renewal and collagen production. This scrub is also made without fragrance to prevent irritation of the skin so it’s suitable for sensitive skin types. BDIH certified makeup product.


1.  Cleanse the skin
2.  Deep clean pores and remove dead skin cells
3.  Exfoliate and hydrate the skin
4. Leave skin smoother, clearer and softer

How to Use

1. Apply an even layer on face and scrub gently
2. Rinse off with lukewarm water and pat your face dry
3. Use weekly (for best results)


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