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What Causes Itchy Scalp, Sores and Bumps and How To Get Rid of Them

When it comes to itchy scalp most people know about dandruff and often believe that is the only cause of itchy scalp as well as the flaking, redness, swelling etc that comes with it. It can be in patches or more diffuse all over the head. However, while this might be a big cause most people don’t understand what actually causes the scalp problems that include dandruff symptoms but also bumps, sores, scalp scabs, redness, peeling and even crusty scalp.

While the dermatologist want to label it with dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis, seborrhea eczema and psoriasis the important thing to to know is that these are caused by fungus, bacteria, yeast or mites. And the fact that they are in your scalp and flourishing – causing the different symptoms that you have means that the entirety of the scalp is out of balance. All of the health questions about your scalp is really just one question. And that question is why is you scalp out of balance which will let you know how to get it back in balance.

Why Is Your Scalp Out Of Balance?

From when we are young our parents go the local drug store or grocery store and buy the most typical shampoos. They seem to be doing a good job so over the years most families stick with the same hair products based on product price as well as the result that they get from them and this is the same with shampoo and also styling products. Do they leave your hair full, thick, not too dry or oily then these are the ones that you typically go with. However, these products can often come with a few side effects that most people don’t ever know are happening. For example – the scalp’s lower ph level is designed to ward off mites, fungus, bacteria and similar. It does a good job of this when the ph is more on the acidic level. However, most shampoos and hair products are higher ph what is referred to as a higher base ph. Over time this alone can cause a lot of problems with the delicate scalp skin but more importantly down inside the hair follicles. This is when the symptoms start with the flaking and itching. What most people do is reach for a well known itchy scalp shampoo that typically has an anti fungal in them because the big companies know exactly what is happening. They also know that if they reset the ph then you will know need to buy their dandruff hair shampoos once the balance is restored.

The higher ph and then the invasion or flourishing or the bacteria and fungus is what causes the scalp problems. So getting the ph back in alignment and also deep cleansing the hair root of the buildup and also irrigating the follicles to help bacteria an fungus to relocate is one of the best things that you can do. However, what products can actually do that. To get this done you will need to look at the best herbal complexes for hair that literally melt away sebum plugs and product buildup without harming the hair, reset the ph balance back to more acidic (skin is supposed to be a 4.5) and then help with the excessive buildup of the fungi, bacteria, mites, and yeast.

These can cause nasty or severe dandruff symptoms like excessive scalp flaking, scalp sores on the top of head. The complex of herbs and minerals that is most known for this is the Zincplex Complex that includes some of the best purifying herbs and also zinc pca. Even if you do not have scalp problems it is one of the best complexes to keep vitality and proper balance to create the healthiest environment for the scalp. And this means healthy hair, optimizing hair growth and no symptoms associated with oily scalp, hyperseborrhea, seborrheic dermatitis and eczema and even the tough dandruff symptoms that can inlcude scalp scabs, sores that are often time open or even bleeding and much more.

Do a little research and find out how herbs like thyme, sage, fenugreek and burdock as well as minerals like zinc pca can help to restore balance and health that is visible with the results that you will get.

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