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7 Mistakes with Lash Extensions and How to Avoid Them

Do you want to wake up each day with perfect, lush eyelashes, like a Hollywood movie star? If so, here’s a secret used by fashionistas everywhere—try out eyelash extensions!

Lash extensions are applied in a salon, attaching an extension to each individual eyelash. Yes, it’s time-consuming, but the result is specular, gorgeous eyelashes that will last for weeks.

However, if you’re going to invest in extensions, you want to make sure you get the best possible results. To learn more, keep reading to find seven common mistakes with lash extensions to avoid.

1. Selecting the Wrong Beauty Salon

There are plenty of salons out there offering lash extensions, but always do plenty of research before making a decision. Read reviews online and be sure to find a qualified, experienced salon with plenty of positive reviews from happy customers.

Not only will this get you better results, but also remember that the skin around your eyes is extremely delicate and sensitive, so you need an experienced lash technician who won’t risk your health or wellbeing by doing the wrong thing.

They should always talk to you about extension allergies beforehand, as some patients have an allergic reaction to the glue used during the procedure. Or, if the salon isn’t clean and well-maintained, there’s a risk of conjunctivitis transmission.

If a salon doesn’t seem to have your health at the forefront, walk away—a cheap salon might save you money, but you won’t be happy with the results.

2. Forgetting to Remove Makeup Before Your Lash Extension Appointment

We all love putting on makeup and looking our best each morning, but when preparing for extensions, always arrive at the salon fresh-faced.

Makeup needs to be removed before extensions can be applied, so if you don’t do it beforehand, the salon will need to do it for you. This eats into your appointment time though and will probably annoy your technician, so do yourself a favor and remember to remove it before coming in!

3. Getting Your Lashes Wet Right Away

Here’s a big mistake to avoid—getting your lashes wet too soon! After your gorgeous extensions are applied, you need to keep your eyes and lashes dry for the next 24 hours.

This is because the glue for extensions takes around 24 hours to completely dry. If you get your lashes wet before that, the glue won’t set and they won’t last very long.

To avoid this issue, avoid showering, saunas, or getting sweaty until 24 hours after your appointment.

4. Going too Long Between Appointments

Once you get your lashes done, they unfortunately don’t last forever. Most extension devotees have infills done every 2-3 weeks, which fills in lashes that naturally fall out over time.

If you wait too long between appointments, your lashes are going to look uneven and messy. To keep them looking your best, make your follow-up appointment before you leave, so it’s booked in and ready for you.

Or, if you’re in a hurry and need to have your lashes looking their best before an event, you might want to try at-home lash extensions, like these from Lavaa Beauty.

5. Picking at Your Lashes

If you’re new to extensions, they might feel a bit funny at first. They are lightweight and you’ll soon forget you have them, but at first, they could feel unusual.

While it can be tempting to touch or pick at your lashes, try to avoid this as much as possible. The more you touch your eyes and lashes, the more oils and bacteria get on them, which isn’t a good thing.

Your lashes will look their best if you keep touching to a minimum, except for the occasional brush with a small eyelash brush.

6. Using Mascara

One of the great things about extensions is that they give you full, luxurious lashes—without the need for an eyelash curler or mascara.

However, if you feel tempted to add a coat of mascara to your extensions, we recommend not to! This is because it will be very hard to remove.

If you absolutely have to wear mascara, purchase a brand that’s designed to be used with extensions and make sure it’s not waterproof.

7. Trying to Remove Them Yourself

If you’ve had enough of your lashes, you might be thinking about trying to remove them yourself. However, this is something best left to the pros.

Eyelash glue is strong and needs to be removed using a special solution. If you try to take them out on your own, it’s highly likely you’ll pull out your real lashes in the process and cause damage.

To avoid this, always make an appointment at your salon when you’re ready to remove them. Luckily, the removal process is much quicker than the application process.

Keep Your Lashes Beautiful By Avoiding These Common Mistakes With Lash Extensions

By watching out for these mistakes with lash extensions, you can keep your new lashes looking their best! You’re sure to love the elegant and stylish look they offer.

To get started, make an appointment at a lash salon for your appointment. They’ll walk you through your options, depending on whether you want a subtle, natural look, or something more glamorous.

The eyelash extension process takes around 1-1 ½ hours, but it’s relaxing and comfortable—an easy way to improve the look of your beautiful eyes and lashes!

Did you enjoy this article? If so, please keep reading to find more helpful tips.

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