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The Best Flowers To Gift On Housewarming

Whether your family members or friends have bought a brand-new house or are moving to a new rented abode, it is definitely an occasion for celebration. And you know what celebrations call for? Yes, something thoughtful.

While you already have an idea of what your friend needs for their new house (and have probably already purchased it), have you thought about getting them some flowers as well? There are flowers for every occasion – from housewarming to baby showers, you can have flowers for every occasion.

Moreover, it is no longer an issue to get your favourite flowers delivered to your doorsteps with the advent of online flower delivery services. So, if your friend’s new house is located in Moreno Valley, and you are sitting in California, you can go for flower delivery in Moreno Valley with a few clicks from the comfort of your room.

But which flowers are great as housewarming gifts – let’s dive in and check out the best flowers to gift on housewarming.

Do Flowers And Plants Make Good Housewarming Gifts?

Both plants and flowers make really great housewarming gifts since these are always considered to be appropriate. Living plants and floral arrangements are often appreciated by everyone. Plus, nobody can actually have too many of these in their lives – and they definitely complement any kind of decor.

Moreover, plants and flowers make the interior space feel relatively more inviting and warmer. And that is precisely the purpose behind gifting a housewarming present.

When Should You Gift Flowers or Plants For Housewarming Gifts?

Plants or flowers can be given anytime you find out they are planning to move to a new place. Whether they are renting a new place or have bought a new house, a nice housewarming present is the best way to congratulate them on the good news or achievements in some cases. And not just congratulate them but also celebrate their new place, offer good luck, and simply help them to make their new house feel like a home.

Both houseplants and flowers are considered to be appropriate housewarming gifts – plus, these are always well-received. While selecting between a houseplant and a floral arrangement, think about your recipient(s).

  • How much time do they have for their plants?
  • Which one do they really like – flowers or houseplants?

Remember, while houseplants happen to be long-lasting, floral arrangements are considered to be very low-maintenance.

The Best Flowers To Gift On Housewarming

So, which type of floral arrangements are excellent housewarming gifts? Of course, there are a myriad of flower types to choose from – but we have tried to opt for flowers that are symbolic of housewarming gestures. As a result, without wasting time, scroll down to find out the best flowers to gift for housewarming.

1. Daffodils

Daffodils are a great choice as a housewarming present. Their sunny trumpet faces in hues of white and yellow exude warmth and familiarity. Daffodils belong to a plant family known as Narcissus. These flowers are bright, fragrant, and springtime wonders. The leaves of the flower are flat and long, while the blossoms come with a trumpet in the middle and six petals.

Since these flowers are literally the first to bloom during Spring, they symbolise the end of the winter season, marking the start of a new season.

This basically indicates that daffodils represent rebirth and new beginnings, which makes it perfect to mark a fresh start, like moving to a new house. In order to actually celebrate the start of something new, like settling down into a new house, you can always give daffodils – either in a pot or as a part of a bouquet of cut daffodil stems.

However, daffodils have a certain toxic aspect to them. When swallowed, these flowers can cause diarrhoea, abdominal pain, vomiting, and nausea. These symptoms can be resolved in a few hours and are not life-threatening. But if the recipient has pets or children, it’s best to avoid giving them daffodils.

2. Chrysanthemums

Typically, chrysanthemums stand for longevity, love, and happiness – all of which are perfect sentiments to celebrate a housewarming. These flowers bloom in literally all shades of the rainbow – each shade has its very own specific meaning. For instance, button chrysanthemums in green colour represent prosperity and good luck. Naturally, this colour sounds great for housewarming since the whole purpose is to wish the recipient good luck in their new home.

These flowers are very common in Eastern parts of Asia. Here, they are typically depicted in popular ornamentals, culture, and art. Chrysanthemums are native to temperate and subtropical areas of the Old World. While the wild species of chrysanthemums are smaller in size, hybrids and cultivated species generally have bigger heads.

Interestingly, these flowers are used as an herbal treatment for healing hypertension. It is also believed that this flower can treat inflammation, headaches, and fevers.

Overall, these flowers make an excellent gift for all occasions, particularly for housewarming. It is the positive aura and healing properties of chrysanthemums that make these flowers perfect for housewarming.

You can either select a floral arrangement comprising these cheerful flowers in various colours, sizes, and shapes, or you can just gift a bunch of stunning live chrysanthemums in full bloom.

3. Tulips

Tulips are perhaps the most popular flower in the world. From weddings and baby showers to birthdays and anniversaries, you will find tulips everywhere. This is perhaps your safest option – if you are not sure about the recipient’s personal preferences, then it’s safe to stick with tulips.

Yet another bulb plant, these flowers have been cultivated for centuries – plus, like we just said, tulips are very popular. And that is precisely why countless varieties of tulips are available. Typically, tulips are a symbol of love, and if you choose red-coloured tulips, then they just cling to the symbolic meaning more strongly.

If you decide on giving a bouquet of red tulips, then it can represent your good wishes that the recipient’s new home should be filled with happiness and love. You can also opt for pink tulips since pink stands for happiness, or yellow since it stands for cheerful thoughts.

But if you are not sure about the colour, then just go for a multi-colored bouquet of tulips to capture your best wishes. And like we said in the beginning, if you are not very close to the recipient, it is best to avoid red tulips and go for yellow, orange, or even a multi-colored bouquet. This is because red can be a little too overwhelming for the recipient.

4. Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas are our all-time favourite flowers. We love giving and receiving these beautiful flowers. They look good, they smell good, and they make you feel good as well. It’s a complete win-win to buy yourself a bunch of Hydrangeas whenever you feel low. Moreover, these are great gifts, too.

These flowers are known to be shrub-growing plants that produce globe-shaped clusters of flowers that are delicate and small. Depending on the acidity of the soil in which these flowers are grown, you will come across different shades of these flowers – whites, purples, pinks, and blues.

Moreover, purple and pink hydrangeas symbolise achievement and appreciation – ideal sentiments for any new homeowner. If you are very close to the recipient, then it’s best to experiment with colours – add both your favourite colours, play with the floral arrangement kind, and more.

But if you are not familiar with the recipient, then stick to solo colours as well as colours that stand for appreciation, congratulation, positivity, and achievement instead of anything too deep or meaningful.

Similar to other well-known housewarming plants and flowers, hydrangeas can also be given as a living plant that the recipient can grow in their new garden or as cut flowers in a bouquet.

5. Roses

Roses are of absolutely incomparable beauty – there is nothing more stunning than a bouquet of fresh roses. These are obviously the most popular choices for all occasions – be it dates, weddings, anniversaries, baby showers, or, in this case, housewarming.

Like most other flowers, various shades and colours of roses are associated with different emotions. As we mentioned before, it is best not to opt for shades of red until and unless you are very close to the recipient. It might just be too overwhelming to receive a bouquet of red roses for a housewarming.

But you can choose to be safe and just opt for much more appropriate shades of roses, such as yellow, since it represents friendship. We love the lavender shade, but it does symbolise love at first sight, which is not a good idea for a housewarming. You can also check out the orange shade of roses – it stands for excitement.

And It’s A Wrap!

Any of the flowers on this particular list would make excellent housewarming gifts. When you are marking the event of a family member or a friend moving into their new home, ensure that you are keeping their preferences in mind. Try to select their favourite colours, or opt for a floral arrangement that they can easily take care of so that you cannot go wrong.

Now tell us, what are your thoughts on these floral housewarming gifts? Feel free to share your thoughts, ideas, and experiences about similar housewarming gifts in the comments below.

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