Tricks to Highlight Small Eye Looks with False Lashes

False lashes are primarily applied to achieve fuller, sexy, dramatic looks. With tiny-mini eyes, the same sexy, drama is possible if you know some hidden secrets. They are goanna revealed here for your pretty small peepers. If you aren’t sure whether false lashes will suit you, make use of a photo app and apply them digitally, then evaluate the result, and make an informed decision.


If you are not familiar with the lash brands offering false lashes for small eyes. You can customize your lashes at home. Take your strip lash and place it along your natural lash line. Now you can see the extra part, mark it and snip it off.

The magic trick is cutting them from the outer edges to take away the longest lashes you don’t require. This way falsies will look more blended and natural on your small eyes.

Cover just 2/3 part of the lash line

For small, hooded or Asian eyes, covering the whole lash line looks odd. It makes them even smaller, congested, and uncomfortable. Cut your lashes to fit 2/3 part of your natural lash line. The space left between the lash line and the inner corner will make the eyes look open and larger. An added trick is, to fill up this gap with a light glowing eyeshadow to make it pop.

Use cluster/Demi/ corner lashes on the outer corners

Women with small eyes often find it hard to trim full strip lashes, sometimes even if you cut them they remain unnaturally long or thick. Demi or cluster lashes are your way out of this dilemma, with these tiny clusters, you’ve full control to add volume or length where you needed.

Try demi or short cluster lashes on the outer corner of the eyes they’ll help give extra oomph without overpowering the smaller eyes and will let your eyeshadow peep through lovely frills.

If you don’t want to pay extra, here is a No-Cost quick-fix. You probably have a pair of the long strip at home, just cut them into smaller sections. Glue a few to the outer edges… See bigger eyes without wasting lashes.

A clever trick to apply fake lashes on small eyes.

Anyone with small eyes probably knows the struggle of applying makeup and false eyelashes. If the size and style are right a little trick will let your eyes pop up in seconds

When you are applying false lashes, attach the outer corner first as you normally do but when attaching the inner side, place it a little above the natural lash line. You’ll notice a certain lift to the inner area of the eyes creating an illusion of bigger looking eyes.

Make Appearanz your fake lash partner to make your eyes look magical big. Many exclusive, high-quality faux mink lashes are there to serve small eyes. just try it once you’ll never regret your pick.

Take away

Small eyes look fabulous in fake eyelashes. More and more fake lash brands are designing lashes for small-eyed girls, providing shorter lash bands, short lengths, and thin lash strands to create much more accentuated and flattering looks. You just have to dig in a bit to find a brand, experiment with some suggested styles, and incorporate some makeup tricks. We guarantee following these rules will help you pick a style you loved the most.

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