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5 Trendy and Stylish Ways to Wear Your Glasses

In today’s world full of cool things, every person has an opportunity to choose what they want in order to express themselves and their individual style. Furthermore, the list of brands floating around us is so vast that everyone is sure to find their favorite and let it follow them for as long as they want. Needless to say that eyewear plays a vital role in tying everything together and enhancing your personality. In order to look different from others, people do many things, some of them are great, and some of them are crazy. Let’s face it, there’s no one way to look stylish. However, there are several important and very useful tips that will help you stand out. While glasses are a visual necessity for some people, others may use them as a great ‘tool’ to look smart or for any other reason. A good rule of thumb is to not settle for a single frame. Having different pairs of glasses for different moods and different occasions will help you define your style and surprise people around you with creative ways you put things together.

First of all, let’s walk through some foolproof style tips for those who wear glasses and want to look stylish:

When it comes to eyewear, the right shape is key. To start with, choose frames that sit well and make you feel comfortable. It’s vitally important that you make sure you choose your size, so your frames are neither too loose, nor too tight.

Never follow trends blindly. You should understand that what fits one person and looks great on them, may not work well for you, and vice versa. In fact, picking out the right frame for your face shape can be a challenge. However, knowing the basics of face shapes and how to choose flattering frames for each of them is the first step to looking attractive in glasses (for example, round frames will look great on square faces).

Now let’s discuss how to accessorize outfits with glasses to look trendy and put together:

  1. If we talk about statement frames (any style where the frames are a dominant feature to one’s look), they’ll work and look best with simple outfits (think jeans paired with a crisp white shirt).
  2. Subtle glasses are the opposite of statement frames. By the way, they pair easily with different pieces of clothing, but they make the least impact as an add-on. That’s why such glasses (they include frameless styles and those with thin wireframes) are the best choice if you opt for a bold look and don’t want them to draw much attention.
  3. Look for frames that suit your accessories. Don’t forget that your jewelry, handbag, belt, scarf, and shoes count to complete your look.
  4. Choose complementary colors.

Remember one thing: go with colors that complement your skin tone. In addition, you can base your frame’s color on the colors of your eyes, hair, clothing, etc.

For a powerful appearance, make sure that the clothes on your top half are the same color as your frames.

While there’s no steadfast rule that you can follow to look stylish in your glasses, it’s safe to say that you should choose frames that you find attractive and the ones that add confidence to your look. If you’re after a new pair of cool glasses, welcome to EuroOptica – the most exclusive eyewear boutique in Manhattan, New York. Here you’ll find a comprehensive list of the hottest names in the industry, from A to Z, offering an exclusive selection of top-notch eyewear both for men and women.

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