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7 Fashion Styles For Active Women

Athleisure is a fashion trend many women now prefer as it’s comfortable to wear while still showing off great style. But, for many active females, it can be tricky to find the right look when moving around. You want to be comfortable but at the same time chic.

If you’re not sure where to begin, click here to find out more. You’ll discover a handful of unique fashion styles to try and hints for making the perfect women outfit.

7 Active Women Fashion Styles


Athletic skorts are a mix between shorts and a skirt. While mainly a pair of shorts, there’s a long flap in the front to cover this area, making it look as if it’s a full skirt.

Skorts were designed to let women move around comfortably while remaining stylish. They also come in numerous designs, so there are plenty of options.

You can match skorts with almost anything (including blouses and blazers), making them essential in any active women’s wardrobe.

Vintage Sports Shirts

This style isn’t only cool but can be a great conversation starter. Vintage sports shirts are also often affordable, although they can be pricey depending on their rarity. You can throw on a retro shirt and wear it as is or add a jacket. It’s simple yet fashionable, making it perfect for active women.


Joggers were meant to be worn during exercise, but they’ve become so popular over the years thanks to their comfort that many prefer to include them in their everyday outfits.

This option is often compared to sweatpants, but joggers tend to be a bit more forgiving and lightweight than the latter. Joggers can also mingle with plenty of other outfits. For instance, you can put joggers on and then add a nice shirt and women’s denim jacket.

Hoop Earrings

Jewelry isn’t usually the first thing that comes to mind for an active lifestyle, but it can be a great complement. Hoop earrings add a nice pizzazz to an outfit that isn’t always meant to be the most stylish.

If you prefer not to wear hoops, consider minimalist earrings. These aren’t as obvious but can add a quiet yet noticeable touch.

Baseball Hats

These aren’t only interesting fashion pieces but can protect you from the sun while you’re out and about. Baseball hats virtually match with everything and come in a variety of designs.

Tank Top Sports Bras

Some might be hesitant to consider this a key fashion icon, but it can be, especially during the summer. A tank top sports bra keeps things cool and stylish. You can wear it on your morning run and then use it later as a regular tank top. Many are also made with moisture-wicking materials, so there’s no need to worry about obvious sweating if you plan to wear one for an entire day.

Oversized Hoodies

During chilly days oversized hoodies are a great way to keep warm and look stylish. Their baggy look gives a laid-back appearance but keeps you warm and snug as you work out. You can match this with joggers and a baseball hat to make a delightful outfit. The hooded jacket for women is the perfect way to stay warm and look stylish in winter as its lightweight fabric is comfortable and breathable, while the hood helps to keep the cold out. The full-length zipper provides a secure fit and the two front pockets are great for storing small items. The drawstrings at the hood and hem give you the perfect fit for any body type. With its classic style and timeless design, this hooded jacket is the perfect addition to any wardrobe.

Tips for Wearing Athleisure

Don’t Overdo It

It’s easy to get excited when planning an athleisure outfit, but it’s important to be minimal with it. This especially goes for colors, as too much can take away from your style.

Pick one main feature, and then build your outfit around that. For example, if you have a sports shirt you’d like to wear, find pants, a hat, and maybe a piece of jewelry that goes with it. This way, it stays simple but fashionable.

Keep Things Clean and Maintained

You might wear the clothes actively, but always keep them in good condition. Stains and tears can look as if you’ve thrown something on carelessly. Also, if you were busy one day in your outfit, make sure to wash and maintain it before going out with it again. Otherwise, your outfit will end up looking quite unflattering.

Wear Relaxed Clothes

Rather than throwing on a fitted shirt, opt for a loose one. It doesn’t need to be baggy, but tight-fitting shirts can be a bit much sometimes. While they can show off your physique, they could be slightly uncomfortable, especially if you’re extremely active one day. A loose shirt gives you room to move freely while also displaying your active lifestyle.

Stay Comfortable

Athleisure is meant to be comfortable. If you find certain items are difficult to wear or too heavy during your active time, change it up as there are plenty of other fashion styles to try. Part of making a good active style is to feel happy in it, not just look good.

There are innumerable fashion styles for active women to choose from. However, by keeping the ones above in mind, you can figure out which fits your personality and needs.

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