A Guide To Decluttering Your Beauty Products

It is easy to accumulate makeup, hair growth serum for women, and other beauty products. Before long, your bathroom cabinet or vanity can start looking like a drugstore counter. Clutter can contribute to stress, and you probably have better ways that you can use that space. Although it’s hard, decluttering your beauty products will do you good. Here are some tips to get started.

Check Expiration Dates

A good way to get started when decluttering is by checking the expiration date on all your beauty products and disposing of all those that are past the date. You may be amazed to discover the old products you have harbored for years past the date when they would do you any good.

Once you break the seal on a container of makeup, the clock starts ticking on its useful life. Some kinds of old makeup may look okay, but on a microscopic level, they may be crawling with bacteria, which you definitely do not want to smear all over your face. Liquid products dry up after about a year; some after only six months.

This rule extends beyond makeup. The ingredients in hair growth supplements may expire after a while. You should either use them when they are fresh or dispose of them after they are past their expiration date.

Keep Only Essentials & What You Actually Use

Some beauty products are essential. For example, azelaic acid products have so many uses that you would be foolish not to hold onto them unless they’re past their expiration date, in which case you should toss them and buy more. However, all too often, you pick up a palette of eyeshadow that you love the look of, only to find that it doesn’t really work for you when you try it on your face.

There are two ways that you can cope with this situation. If you can’t remember the last time you bought a particular container of makeup, or if you remember and it looked terrible, you can just get rid of it. Or, you can give each piece of makeup one last chance to impress you by trying it on and gauging the results.

Better yet, you can get together with a friend or two and have a trying-on session with your old makeup. Your friends can critically assess the results of the makeup on your face and try it on themselves. If you decide you don’t want it, maybe one of your friends will, and you can give it to them. Ask your friends to bring their unwanted makeup and you can do trades. This way, hopefully, every orphaned container of makeup finds a home, and you are left with only makeup you can use.

Look for Alternatives To Trashing Old Products

Recycling empty makeup containers can be a challenge, but there are outlets available to receive them. Unopened products can be sold online to recoup some of your losses. If your friends don’t want your old makeup, you may be able to donate lightly used products to homeless shelters or certain charities. The less makeup that ends up in a landfill, the better.

Research beauty products ahead of time to make informed buying decisions.

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