Nutrafix Conditioner With Keratin Review

Nutrafix Conditioner with Keratin is a patented hair restoration product that has been scientifically formulated to solve the issues associated with ordinary hair cleaning products. With this treatment, you will be able to restore the damage that normal hair care products can do to your hair fiber. The restoring power of this hair styling product comes from the unique blend of amino acids present in the finest ingredients from around the world. The unique formula contains no sulfates, parabens or synthetic dyes. It is suitable for all hair types including relaxed, wet and shiny styles.

Review of Nutrafix Conditioner With Keratin

I have very long hair and I had been going to the hair dresser to get my hair colored. My hair was dry, and would get tangled easily. After using Nutrafix conditioner with keratin for a month, I noticed that my hair was softer after washing it. When I went back to the hair dresser, she told me that my natural curls were coming in more than ever and she liked how healthy my hair looked. – Francesca Metcalfe

I was a bit skeptical at first because of the cost, but I’m so happy I purchased this product! My hair has been feeling so soft and shiny, and it’s actually growing out. I’m starting to get some layers in my hair and they’re not breaking off after 2 weeks of having them like they normally do. I’ll keep you posted on how it does over the next 10 weeks but so far I am really impressed with this product! – Ava Turner

I love it. My hair is really damaged from coloring and heat damage and this product has made a huge difference. It doesn’t weigh my hair down, it makes my hair feel really soft and healthy, and it helps with the frizz from the humidity. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who uses heat on their hair or if you have damage from coloring. – Charlie Roberts

Product Descriptions

Nutrafix Conditioner has Keratin to help prevent further breakage of damaged hair. Keratin, a natural protein protects hair against breakage and heat damage while it repairs the hair. Nutrafix conditioner helps to restore the protein needed so your hair can be healthy and beautiful once more. This conditioner is designed to be gentle enough for everyday use and will leave your hair feeling luxuriously smooth and soft. This unique nourishing system infuses vital keratin nutrients onto each strand of hair.


1. Able to repair dry and damaged hair
2. Keep moisture in the strands
3. Replenishes Keratin back into the hair
4. Strengthens hair surface so less breakage will occur

How to Use

1. Apply a dab of conditioner to hair ends
2. Massage and distribute evenly
3. Let it settle for about 2 minutes

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